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Alternate Coils On Minelab SDC 2300

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First off I want to say I am not advocating anyone do this. It will void your warranty. But I like to know stuff and this is interesting information.

Ismael has opened up an SDC and confirmed that the coil is plugged into the control box with a plug connector. He has used an adapter to run some other Minelab coils and in his opinion mono coils seem to work well. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t22372-coil-question-for-the-sdc-2300#216360

Further down in the same thread there is a picture of the connection, which is under the cover on the housing where the rod assembly pivots. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t22372-coil-question-for-the-sdc-2300#217008

I hope someday Minelab stuffs the SDC into a standard detector housing, something like the Eureka Gold. And offers a couple other coils. A small 4" x 6" elliptical would be awesome for crevicing and an 8" x 12" elliptical would be great for better ground coverage. A standard control box should lower the price considerably and an ability to hip or chest mount would be really great. I would get one in a heartbeat.

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That's some really interesting info.

Seems like Coiltec or NF could sell alternate coils for the SDC if they came with detailed instructions with pictures on how to install them and a little star head tool or whatever is needed to open the case. Naturally big bold letters would have to be printed on the first page of the instructions saying installing a new coil voids your warranty.

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Steve, am i correct in understanding both sdc and f3 utilize the mps tech? After looking thru service manual for my f3 i think this is something i might attempt with it. It does appear to have regular screww type coil connector inside handle. I only have an 11" mono &18" mono of my own to test but access also a 12*15 commander.

dont suppose you can point me to some tech info on coils(principals, test procedure for measuring values,etc.) so i could attempt to test these first before i just start slappin sh** together?

Btw, have you finished your custom atx yet?

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F3 is MPS Bipolar and SDC 2300 is MPF. You are on your own there buddy! I am not a techie so all I can suggest is you contact Ismael at the link above.

I really need to get that ATX off the work bench. Just got busy and it got set aside. Might be winter though before it happens.

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