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On 7/30/2020 at 4:47 AM, Aaron said:

Last Monday I thought I’d ry out my new waterproof GoPro 8 Black at the lake, and ended up leaking, so much for being water proof. 😡 So anyway I ended loosing my video. I ended finding a nice old gold signet ring, not too deep, and a big tungsten, alotta clad, some aluminum ect. That tungsten ring was DEEEEEP! The guy who lost it must been a big dude, it’s a big ring. Those crummy rings are so heavy it’s no wonder their always at least a foot deep! Check out the link for more pics.https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/5/last-mondaysome-gold-and-tungsten

Thanks looking....Aaron 

Congrats on that vintage beauty! I don't care for tungsten but, like lead, it can indicate that the gold is nearby.

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Congratulations on the Nice gold signet!

Sorry to hear you lost both video and cam..If your like me ..my video's are as prized as the gold.

Stay safe and Good Luck!

Just checked your other pics out..Signet has some good weight to it and that Big ring must had belonged to one big guy! Wow..

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Nice finds and great hunting, who needs video when you come up with these finds.

That gold ring looks to be around 1950-1970 era, how much did it weigh.

Good hunting on your next trip!

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Thank you! I think it’s 3.8 grams

Looks like I’ll just stick w the trusty iPhone....LOL

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Congrats on the Gold Aaron. Sorry to hear about the Go pro 8 that's a pricey camera.



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  • Similar Content

    • By okara gold
      Some beach erosion and high waves from Sally brought these into detector range. One silver and 3 gold. Two are 14K, and the other is 10K.  About 8 hours total over 2 days. Three rings on the first day and one on the second day. I went back on the third day and all was sanded in again. I don't know what the gemstone is in the ring. Not a diamond. Bob K

    • By The Seeker
      I got out for nice long hunt with the AQ. I found quite a few targets to keep me busy. Five of the rings are junk and the other two silver. One of the silvers has real diamond chips. The gold ring came towards the end of the hunt and weighs 4.7g. I have found 5 gold rings with the AQ and a small pendant, so not too bad.  Thanks for looking and happy hunting.

    • By Jim in ma
      With lifeguards gone Kids gone cooler weather and the lowest water level in years,     fresh water
      I was out chin deep in what it seems to be undetected area. all targets were very deep and have been there for a long time.
      The Irish ring is stamped 375, the locket 585, and the blue ring 14k and I have not cleaned the 14k at all it is tarnished or stained.
      All found with TDI BH but I did mark the area that the locket came from to return with my Nox to try and find the chain.

    • By mn90403
      I looked at my Equinox 800 screen when I heard it.  This Sound had potential.  It was not like the familiar sounds of pennies, quarters and even the nickels.  The screen read 9 and that had Potential too.  I swung over it in a couple of directions and it still had a solid 9.  Then you dig.  Still a 9 and a good sound as you go down 3-4-5 inches to the patch layer.  Then it is in the scoop and you look down in the dim light and you don't see a coin.  You can see a shape and the wire mesh too!  That is real POtential.  I turn on my light and voila it's a ring and its yellow!  POTENTIAL!

      When I got home I looked it over.  It is not the best ring that I've ever found but it was the BEST and only ring I found last night.  It is 10k/RL/CZ/BOUVIA.  Potential realized.
      Now, this is the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say.
      Last night was a hunt pattern that I have repeated before.  It is a normal beach detecting pattern for me.  I put my son to sleep about 8 PM and when he is sleeping a couple of hours I get up and detect the beaches for 4 hours or so.  The beginning was the same with parking and beach entry.  After walking about half a mile I could see a detectorist light up ahead working the beach.  I could not tell which direction they were working but I knew this spot.  It could be good but I was going to let them have it.  I walked off the wet sand into the dry and avoided the spot for quite a distance and then I dropped back down to the beach.
      Someone had been to this portion of beach before me but they were gone or it had been the detectorist I avoided.  I could not see them any more and no one was in front of me so I relaxed and looked for the clues.  Pretty soon I found a coin.  I circled and found another.  I saw some recent (within 2 hours) unfilled dig holes and I included those in my pattern and then in my grid.  The picture emerged and I could see the beginning and finally the end of the patch.  It was a small patch this time but I'll take it.
      No one came across me while I was working this patch.  There were no seagulls.  I hope this happens for you on your patches.

    • By mn90403
      Sometimes when you go out detecting the very first targets are the best and the remainder of the hunt you keep trying to do better.  That was the way I felt last night.  I headed out to a pretty much energyless beach and my first target was a heavy ring.  I was thinking about Joe when I found it as it was 'trapped' in a little bit of soft sand just before the hard-pan drop off.  I looked at it with my light, felt it and thought about it the remainder of the night.  The title of the post was going to be "The First Target Was The Best!"  haha
      Things have a way of changing as we detect.  I headed down my beach and went a long distance before I found another ring.  Once again I was not the first one on the beach.  Someone had cherried the slopes a bit and I had to play clean up.  This I did and to my surprise I found 3 more cheap rings.  These were obvious to me.  Then when I got to my turnaround spot I came upon the final ring.  It was not really part of a patch but it was on a beach where I've found some nice rings so I'm careful and thorough when I'm there.  It turned out to be the best ring but I didn't know it at the time.
      Now for the results.
      The first target ring had a golden color in my beach light and I thought it would be the best band I've found this year.  It is heafty at 11.11 g but it turns out the color is platinum.  It also turns out that it is 'white tungsten' which means it only has platinum plating.  It's not worthless but certainly not a gold or platinum band.

      The other rings are still cheapies but the final ring is a 2.25 g/10k nugget ring!

      It was a pleasant hunt with reasonable results.  The pendant says Dragonfly.  And then there is the rest.

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Been almost a week since I've been out, lots has happen but things are settling back down so I got 3 hours out today. Been watching the winds and tides and I felt safer grabbing the excalibur. Once there I seen I could have taken the AQ..water was very nice...North winds of 10 mph blew the water out so I was drinking the old bay waters today....Seems like all I was getting was silver coins and nickels until I moved in a little closer to shore..then once I got away from the hard bottom out came the 1968 Class ring. The two white gold rings are from last Saturday's hunt at this same beach......This spot seems the coins are out deeper on the hard pan, and the rings are in right as the slope starts with the sand. There use to be crab pot buoys that helped me navigate this spot but they messed me up and pulled them early this year... 
      The bracelet top is 1/20GP had me going until I got home and seen the edge was black with small bubbles 

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