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Great find Steve!!!! History comes in many forms. Love the photo's

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    • By calabash digger
      I hit a spot with my buddy Flagman and it turned out to be a goldmine...

    • By kac
      Was hitting an area with my Tejon and came across this medalion that I missed 3x before and my buddy missed with his Nox. We missed it probably because there are so many targets in the area you just become target fatigued. Also it was pretty loud and easy to skip over because there is a lot of copper pieces. I had my disc 1 at just above iron and so If I got a crackle I would check for any signs of additional targets with the all metal mode. 2nd disc set to pull tab to quck check for coppers and silvers. Simple hunting and pretty quiet. Not much aluminum as alum has a pretty flat tone and easy to recognize.

      Found bit more info as the city made some coins with same art. Haven't found anything on medallion version. Not sure if these were fewer or handed out to more important people?  https://so-calleddollars.com/Events/Haverhill_275th_Anniversary.html
    • By kac
      Snuck out for couple hours looking for some old coins and got this leaded pewter cross, not sure the date but don't see a parting line so guessing it is turn of the century, maybe older just not sure. Jump ring seems to be silver.

    • By calabash digger
      Me and Flagman went on the bottle hunt...

    • By calabash digger
      Me and Flagman hit another good spot....https://i.postimg.cc/dQX7sWWS/IMG-2893.jpg

    • By calabash digger
      Me and flagman went out for a underwater adventure... The pics are of both of our finds...

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