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Helpful Tips For Our More Experienced Prospectors (aka Old Farts)

Are you glad it wasn't me in the video?  

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  1. 1. Are you glad it wasn't me in the video?

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It’s offensive you called me a old fart. Here I’m happy that I can and that’s still fart .

 That lady has got it together I must say. I had a guy at one of those inspection stations ask why I carried so much equipment and my reply was it’s over a thousand miles to go back to get something.

 I’d really like to have her hat because when my shirt pulls up it would give my piggy bank slot shade. That would keep it from getting sunburn.


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I know basic stuff for us but good advise for those new old farts ! So yer piggy bank is on it's own :cool: (I couldn't find the emoji with both eyes shut  !)

I've enjoyed their video's the country is nice looking camping , that helicopter ride to the prospect site must be awesome and the gold looks pretty good too.  I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any painted rocks either and speaking of either , either she doesn't show all that she finds or she's not making a lot.  This new vid makes me think she might be hoping for some extra clicks and new subscribers . Thought we might be able to help with that.   And her nice hat blew off and fell down a mine shaft so that's just a substitute and she needs a proper new best hat too !

Go Krissy!, and Mark , wherever you are?


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