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GPX 6000 And Audio Boosters - What Is Your View?

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You're right, and that's why I like the SP01 on the GPZ, I run my GPZ on volume 3 normally with the SP01 and its nice and stable, up that to say 12 and its more unstable, the higher the volume on the GPZ the worse it gets.  That's why I like the SP01 so much.  I'm hoping that benefit translate to the GPX and it looks like it will.

You'll be able to afford to buy a Ferrari to drive down to Nenads place and pick up your SP01 with your WA gold I'm sure 🙂

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And just for fun, a bit of today’s bling on a little rake and detect mission.  

GPX6 = these bits.  

GPZ 7000 = zero bits. 

These tiddlers sure are the forte of the GPX6.  


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Put a smaller coil on the 7 and they're the forte of it too 🙂

Ok, I found my MPOW Bluetooth transmitter/receiver and tried it out on the GPX 6000 along with the SP01.  I also have a UGreen Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that's ATPX LL which I'd forgotten I bought so I'll try it too.  Firstly, it resolved the quieter audio problem I was getting by having the SP01 directly connected to the 6000 via the long audio cable they provide for it so I'd never recommend doing it that cabled way,  I wish it didn't have that weird Equinox type audio jack, it's not like it's a waterproof detector anyway.


It connected quickly and easily as Bluetooth Low Latency.


I just used a short lead to connect it to the SP01, I'll make up a custom lead with smaller right angle connectors and a shorter cable to make it a better fit, it can just slide in the front of my SP01 pouch.


Nice and easy and great sound, no hiss like the headphones produce.


I put this copper tape on the back of it some time ago to help block the bluetooth signal interfering with my GPZ when I had it in the GPZ's cover and in some vague quick testing it seemed to work a bit so I'll leave that on there as it will just rest up against the SP01 which is an alloy housing anyway so should be all good.

The next problem is trying the Quest Wirefree, I know Reg uses and loves this on his 6000 but the long crazy cable that came with the 6000 is only suitable really for headphones, not for plugging in a little transmitter right at the GPX's box unless you're going to curl the big cord up and stuff it up inside your GPX's cover, I think I'll try order another one of these to get the end piece and chop it up and make a mini short cable to plug into the Quest Wirefree.



As you can see by the photo above of the Quest, it has the 1/4" plug end that needs to plug into the detector somehow, not an easy task with the GPX having it's weird screw in cable.  You can't change that easily either on the Quest as the other end of the 1/4" cable is a micro USB.  I'll try order another Quest usb to 1/4" cable and if I can get one chop the end off and put the Miinelab screw in end on it.

The Quest receiver is all good to go and can plug into the SP01 with no problems.

I've always felt the Quest performs better than Bluetooth especially for drop out type problems and crackling but to start with I'll give Bluetooth with the MPow/Sp01 combo a workout and report back.

With the GPZ you have to be careful to keep the metal housing of the SP01 up high away from the field of detection of the coil, this isn't an issue with the 6000 as it just doesn't have near the depth of the 7000, even at belt height is no issue where as it had to be up near my shoulders on the 7000.

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4 minutes ago, jasong said:

That's...a lot of stuff. 

Haha yea, I know you hate stuff 🙂 I'm just experimenting.

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On 4/29/2022 at 12:40 PM, Norvic said:

Behind that 6K audio response there is still those repeatable almost ghost like signals that reveal the 6K is not a surface skimmer but like the Z and PIs before has depth. I guess we could exploit those "almost ghost like signals" by using a booster and going for that extra response, but for me those "ghost like signals" are magic they are and have always been since year one detectors. 

This is such an important point, Norvic. I read your comment just now. We are so used to hear the screaming signals that the 6k is producing for shallow surface targets that we kind of expect this all the time. But there is a whole different world where the 6k produces faint subtle target responses for deeper gold. Quite remarkably, actually, and I experienced this just yesterday. It shows you that our brain tends to focus on what it is used to hear, rather than what it hears in totality. The 6k continues to amaze me! BTW, love the Avantree!!!


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Yep, got this lot chasing ghosts in a well pounced old patch. I was running Sensitivity 2, Volume 2 with the Minelab headphones, with the SteelPhase Gel Pads fitted. It obviously worked, but reminded me how much I hate the Bluetooth crackle. I will stick to sP01 hardwired wherever vegetation isn't a real issue. 


my 6000 finds.jpg

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