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1854 Dime

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Found this a few years back.  I had been working some old tailing piles during the morning. Around noon I sat down for some coffee along the upper ditch dug for the workings. I got up to do a little more detecting after noticing a moss covered rock ring next to my sitting spot. The mining site was In the Southern Mother Lode Country of the Sierra Nevada. It is an 1854 Seated Liberty Dime without a mint stamp. Turned out I sat right on it; wasn't more than four inches deep. You figure that old fire pit had been used to boil coffee in the past?




1854 Seated Liberty Dime1.jpg

1854 Seated Liberty Dime2.jpg

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Thanks for sharing.

I like to find seated coins.

Tough to do in my area.

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Nice find!!!  If I were you I'd be checking where I put my butt more often.  :blink:  Congrats and thanx for sharing...


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Coinage was in short supply during the California gold rush, some French & Spanish cut into bits. Been finding hand cast lead balls around  25 caliper. Found a three ring lead bullet , no jacket,  around 30 caliper. Any thoughts on the  fire arms the old miners may have been using before the civil war. 

Have a Merri Christmas


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Beautiful piece of history.  Never found  seated before, well not yet... I can only imagine the story behind this find.


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Nice coin!   Nice finding those out in the goldfields where you don't expect them.

Found one once(a dime) under a house.  Don't remember the date except it was in the 1850's.  Gave it to the property owner for letting me on the property.



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      I’ve been hitting an old youth center from 1929 the last few weekends. Using the equinox working a small corner I finally found some keepers.
      The Indian head was a solid 19/20... thinking I had another Zincolin.. dang 4 inches down out she popped!
      the silver Washington 1954 was 6 inches down near some iron, but gave a nice consistent high tone.
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      Literally ... just got back home, from one of the best detecting days ever. 
      Had to share this  🙂 🙂 🙂 
      EDIT: And of course, it was found with the AWESOME EQUINOX!!!!! 😉 

      These pictures give a feeling of scale.  Its a tiny little bugger!!

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      My small coil arrives in the mail tomorrow..now I can get down to some real heavy Iron taming 😉