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Chase Goldman

Equinox = Disappointment Coming For Dedicated Salt Beach Detectorists?

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On 1/14/2018 at 4:47 AM, ☠ Cipher said:

My understanding of BBS/FBS is that it's not all that we've been led to believe it is. The idea that FBS would transmit, receive and process 28 frequencies simultaneously is pretty ambitious. On closer consideration, Minelab only claims to transmit 28. Carl Moreland, formerly of Whites, now First Texas, is convinced beyond doubt that based on his tests FBS only uses (transmits, receives, and processes) 2 frequencies, and the same 2 (3.25khz and 25khz) with the rest being harmonic echoes of the base frequencies that any multifrequency machine could claim to transmit and which serve no useful purpose other than marketing. The clever stuff to him is the sequence in which those frequencies are fired and the way the half life of the 3.25khz frequency is utilized. So it will be interesting to see, if all this is true, how a machine that actually uses (transmits, receives, and processes) 5 frequencies does in saltwater and if Minelab is downplaying it there for obvious reasons. One thing I found curious is when Steve reported what seemed to be no loss of depth from single frequency mode to Multi-iQ. This almost suggests to me that Multi-iQ may not be so much "simultaneous" as sequential, in rapid succession. 

My mate told me that the FBS at best transmit only a few freqs at a time . And maybe the Equinox will too ? Not being any good at electronics i wouldn't know and as long as they work i dont care either . In any case the fact still remains that they are the best on the salt wet other than a PI . The V3i is supposed to be multi freq and uses 3 freqs , are they used the same way as FBS or do they run together ? They can be used singularly too like or similar to the Equinox . 

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The number of transmitted frequencies is a marketing thing. All that matters is frequencies received and processed. Even more important is how the frequencies are processed.

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I dont think anyone hunting a salt water beach is going to be disappointed....... in fact i think ML may have to change that suggestion that its not as good as BBS/FBS out there for gold at least.

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      Decided to mod the 800 rod by switching out the straight middle rod to the White's S rod. I know a lot of folks like a straight rod but by switching it out, it eliminates the detector's handgrip from wanting to twist at the end of each swing. In a side by side comparison, both myself and a buddy with an 800 both like the feel of the modified version. The mod requires the middle rod from a White's DFX, or MXT. The rod needs to be drilled on the upper top end for the spring plunger and again adjustment holes need to be drilled on the bottom for length adjustment. The Lower rod from a Makro Racer or Kruzer is used as the lower rod from the Nox is larger in diameter. The top of the S rod also needs to be shimmed about .040" in diameter to fit snug into the Nox upper rod. Now it swings about as close to an F75 as you can get.

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      Hi all;
      As some of you may know, I've been producing lower rods for the CTX 3030 for about 8 months now, selling them through the forums and my website (www.stevesdetectorrods.com) to a number of satisfied customers. Along the way, I've had several inquiries regarding whether I could build Equinox rods. My answer was always "no," as a major stumbling block was that piece that fits onto the "coil end" of the rod, i.e. the piece to which the coil attaches -- the "yoke," or "clevis," as I call it.
      Well, with requests for me to build Equinox lower rods so frequent that eventually I couldn't ignore it any longer, I set my mind on working on a design for that clevis/yoke piece. Once I came up with a working design idea, I submitted engineering drawings of my design to the machining/fabrication company that supplies my CTX rod parts, and asked if they could build me a prototype. Meanwhile, I ordered a carbon-fiber tube from my tube supplier, in the precise diameter to fit inside the Minelab Equinox middle rod, and also some washers specific to my yoke/clevis design. The tube and washers arrived recently, and just today, the yoke/clevis was delivered. I'm pleased to say that it turned out perfectly! All the dimensions are correct/exacting, and I "test fit" the parts with success -- please see the pictures below. The only parts I'm still waiting on are the push-button "spring clip" for the upper end of the rod, and a specialized drill bit for drilling the hole for the spring clip. Those will be here soon -- and at that point my "proof-of-concept" prototype rod will be ready for me to use!
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      If you have any interest one of these lower rods, please let me know, and I'll be sure to have one available for you.

    • By dewcon4414
      Well i wondered when this would happen.   Ive got at least 700 hours on my Nox ... but this morning in shallow water she let me down.  Top part of the cuff broke off.   The cuffs are really to far apart and with the torques we put on them back and forth you may consider a metal one a better choice if you water hunt.   Kind of bad, i wanted to hunt with a couple of people from a few hours away who came for a few day and hadnt been able to because of the less that great weather.   So about an hour into it........ ugh.   But i kept pushing it along...... in the wet sand.   At least i got a 1.4 gram 18K (750) necklace charm for all that work lol.   Got home and called Jamie at ML........ new one coming Monday.   How bout that for FAST?  Thanks ML.    At least there were finally some trash to at least chase around so ...... road trip again tomorrow.   Like most of us ive got a few cuffs laying around.

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      I hope I'm explaining this well enough to be understood. Thanks for any info you may have.