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What Is On Your Wish List From White’s Electronics

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Well this one is simple, a New Zealand distributor.


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    • By Bozko
      So I’m a total noob.  I’m getting my first detector later this week, an Equinox 800.  In fact, it has already arrived at my local dealer but my Garrett Carrot won’t be in for another day or two so I’m waiting to get everything all at once.  I want to create a test garden and have read various bits here on the forums about folks using them but can’t really find any information on how to actually create one.  If this has been covered somewhere already, I’d appreciate any direction on how to find it.  I’m sure creating a test garden seems pretty intuitive to experienced detectorists but there’s got to be more to it then getting some stuff you want to find and some stuff you don’t want to find and sticking it in the ground.  I’m looking to make best use of the liimited space in my suburban lot to maximize learning and continually refine my detecting skills.  I’m in southeast Michigan so (I’m assuming) I have very mild soil.  Temperatures right now are bouncing around from 20-40 degrees F so frozen ground may limit what I can do until spring.  I’m guessing that with mild soil, bench (air) testing may be a close second best to a test garden.  I intend to start doing mostly coin shooting in parks and approved public land, then as my skills improve, add in some Lake Michigan fresh water beach hunting.  Then, if I can gain some research skills, perhaps do some relic hunting on private land (with permission of course).  With these parameters in mind, any advice would be appreciated, not only for how to create and use the garden but tips for bench testing too.  Thanks!
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      I have been experimenting with adjusting reactivity using wireless module only using version 5.2.  Some folks may not be aware version 5.2 allows for reactivity setting using wireless module.  As far as I can tell it does NOT allow silencer adjustment per se.  I have a video in the works and it will be up sometime in near future explaining.
    • By kiwijw
      I got a good idea. Light bulb moment. 👍 Why don't you let your wife use the Nox & you use the GBP?