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Steve Herschbach

Repairing Broken Ears On Search Coil

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I admire his patience but it appears that if you take there time to do the job right you will wind up with a superior repair job. I have a coil that I will fix more or less like the video shows. 

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    • By Edsped
      Hey guys, I just got these in, they are a really simple and worthwhile upgrade  
      The “CoilSaver” washers serve to massively reduce coil ear and coil yoke wear by spacing them from each other to prevent them rubbing together  (see photos)
      These also make your coil tighter on the shaft (no floppy coil) and reduce the chance of snapping your coil ears off as the bolt will not need to be overly tensioned.
      They come in a pack of eight with two thicknesses so you can mix and match them depending on the wear of your equipment. (Four washers requires per shaft making two full sets
      Red washer x4 (3mm)
      Black washer x4 (2mm)
      These are currently available at www.detect-Ed.com and we do ship international very affordable but our US dealers will surely have them soon 👍

    • By Jnorthstar
      I was curious if anyone has any knowledge on this.I have a older model spectrum that came with a 9.5" coil and I found a 6" deep scan coil.What is the depth difference between the two under the same conditions.By the way I am mostly a coin shooter.Thanks in advance for any information.
    • By garikfox
      I was wondering why I haven't seen this question anywhere. Does a bigger coil use more power?
    • By SitnDuck
      I came into possession of a Deltech 8x6 SEF Pro coil for a EDS Winner detector. Would this coil work on a MXT Tracker E-Series detector? I believe the frequency for the EDS Winner is somewhere around 28khz. New to the sport so looking to get educated.  Thanks. 
    • By Ridge Runner
      I was lucky enough to have a guy on here make contact with me offering his Elliptical for sale to me. Right now my money is on the way and by the end of next week it will be in my hands .
       I’m excited to give it a try on two lots almost down town that has lots of history.
       I’ll be posting my finds right here.
    • By Skookum
      While there is nothing revelatory written here, does anyone else find it interesting to see them posting this topic at this time? With all of the recent aftermarket coil discussions filling these forums for both the SDC and GPZ, it makes one wonder if they are just trying to be relevant or have a plan to change things up. It’s speculation. But, the timing is interesting.
      It must be uncomfortable seeing another company modify your product for a profit. There’s also probably a good reason they haven’t released alternative coil options to date. Hopefully, nothing of lower quality gets released in haste.
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