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Simple 14.8v Battery Pack For TDI Beach Hunter


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Thanks for the file. I might print some up.

How is the battery pack secured against the 3D battery connector?



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Hi Tony! Awesome work!


My TDI BH arrived in NZ today!  I purchased an 18650 charger (nitecore) and we will run with your modification with the screw 'clamps' - an excellent solution.


Can you tell me your advice on running 4x Samsung 18650 3500mah 35e batteries in series?  I note these are "unprotected" cells.  I do see some batteries, eg nitecore button tops with built in voltage protection.  

Given the high capacity of the 3500 cells and assuming a battery holder fits, do you think I can run with these?   Looks like a brilliant modification with the screw clamps

Any advice gladly accepted.


Dale in NZ




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1 hour ago, Dmnz said:

배터리 그림 18650 삼성 셀. 비 버튼 상단.


"보호 된 세포"를 가지고 달리는 것이 더 좋다고 생각하십니까?




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Hello Dale,

If using  loose cells in a 18650 holder then I would recommend individually protected cells as they will automatically cut out if you run them too low (less than 2.5v usually). I think all 18650 packs (4 x 18650 in series shrink wrapped style like my photo) have an inbuilt BMS (Battery Management System) which does the same job. I won't use unprotected cells either individually or as a pack. I think the "flat" unprotected cells are designed for a BMS to be built into the battery pack as a DIY.

The standard 4 x 18650 battery holders have to be trimmed down significantly in order to fit into the detector. It can be done with a bit of work but I much prefer the single battery pack of 4 x 18650 in series, aka, 4S1P.

Also, if using loose cells in a battery holder, a button top is needed in order for the + side of the battery to engage the + battery holder contact.

So for me personally, an all in one protected 4S1P pack is the way to go with it's own dedicated charger (cheap to buy).

I will keep my loose Panasonic button top protected cells and use them in my 3 x 18650 battery holders for when I'm happy to run a lower voltage and depth isn't critical.

I hope this helps,


PS...............Awesome detector by the way.


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Thanks Tony!  Awesome.  I have found a BMS on AliExpress to make the pack and will try that route - and also a 3s pack with loose protected cells.    Sounds like an excellent plan.

I really really like your wire solution.  So simple - I just did not think about that!!!

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Looks good.......just make sure you know which leads are + - (If you ever have to re-connect)as I see both wires are red.

Happy hunting,


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