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Deus As A Second Machine For The Dry Sand Beach?

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Hi folks,

I've been a die-hard Equinox 800 user since april 2018. Now I've got enough clad together to buy another detector, or upgrade my homecinema :happy:

Does anyone use the deus on the dry sand beach? I love my Equinox, but my right hand is not the most healthy, so weight and balance counts alot for me. Also the Equinox puts many stuff found on my beaches in a very narrow ID range.

Will XP ever come out with a multi-frequency? At the moment I would opt for the 11" X35 coil with RC and WS5. Weight wise the XP in this configuration is about 1000g with remote vs 1300g for the Equinox - that's quite a difference. I also like the portability - you can easily put it in a backpack. What I don't like: No bluetooth, expensive headphones needed, even when you buy the RC (if you don't want to mess with additional tranceivers etc. for wireless freedom).

If I ever get my permission to detect fields, the deus would be handy, for sure - but at the moment I am only allowed to detect our beaches. I'll keep the Equinox anyhow.

Suggestions? Or should I just buy a new projector for my homecinema? :rolleyes:

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I use the Deus with the HF Eliptical Coil in the dry & damp sand. It’s an awesome beach detector if you need something lightweight. If I’m detecting in the wet areas I use the 800.

Best of luck!


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Sounds good - which frequencies do you typically run? Do you think a x35 coil will do the trick, or are the HF ones a must-have on the beach?

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I just run the Deus in the Beach 1 or 2 setting stock factory frequency.

I’ve never used the larger coil or my LF coils on the beach. Just the HF coils both Eliptical and 9” round. 

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    • By mn90403
      The other day I was detecting on of the many beaches in Santa Monica Bay.  Just like all other beaches of the world there are some unique features about it that we all learn.  I was thinking about how much sand has been added since a swell event I detected about 6 months ago.  I can see where that cut was and I see where the new beach line is and it is 25-30 feet in many places.  Our wave pattern with the La Nina has sanded things in.  We have earthquakes which raise our plate.  How about your beaches from the old days?
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      So, I decided to try another beach to see if the conditions were the same to find silver. I spent about 2 hours there before I could not stand it anymore.  For such an affluent town, the have the dirtiest beach I have ever detected on. The amount of junk targets and iron were overwhelming. I could not swing without hitting multiple targets. I got a bit of clad, and an 8-gauge shotgun shell casing, so I flew out of there.  🙄 The drive back to my favorite beach was now the goal to save the day. I wandered around for a bit with no luck, so back to the same area where I did good before. I expanded out a bit and the silvers turned to clad. Lots of dimes as expected, as they are hardest to find deep. Found a decent amount of silver. I did not take pictures of the trash, but here are all the good finds from that beach. My beach days are numbered, as the crowds are already starting to show up well in advance of Memorial Day opening. I may try another new beach next week for a bit and see what happens. Weather was beautiful…. The people ?  -  a bit strange. 😵

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      How deep can you get on this???

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