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Hello everyone, 

                           I have just joined up and this is my very first post. I'm surprised to see fellow detectorists here from New Zealand. I've been here in N.Z. for almost 12 years now and only bumped into one other detectorist just a little while ago, some newbie from Christchurch going back home after his first trip to    Kyeburn Diggings up Dansey's Pass. Some older dude with his new Gold Monster 1000, he stopped off at the beach here in Timaru for a snack and his afternoon nap. No luck for him this time and he was complaining about all the metal the old time miners chucked about there. That's along drive to about 2.5 Hrs one way. We were just heading home after hanging out there for the afternoon, when he saw us just after testing out my wife's new BH Commando TK4. So we had a little bit of a tail-gate meeting with him. He wanted to showed us his GM 1000, it was nice to have a look at one up close and I took it for a bit of spin in the dunes. 

Anyway I'm not here to chat about new acquaintances, got much more important stuff to talk about. I would like to Hyper-Tune or Super-Tune my Lobo ST and  need some help with it. I Was thinking about putting on an external ground balance potentiometer to get some more depth, but first I need to know how it all works. Because my wife and I are Newbie's too and I'm trying to teach myself, my beautiful and talented assistant the "wife" all the ropes about MDing.

So if anyone can help in anyway it would be very much appreciated.  A German guy did that to his Lobo and he seams to be happy with his mod I think his name is mschahl and another guy Keith they both seem to very knowledgeable about the Lobo ST.  I would love to here about what is and isn't, the up and down's, the in's and out's and what mod's I could do with these two MD's the Lobo and BH TK4.

Also I could get a new PCB for the Lobo and put it in a build box like the one shown or drop it straight into the Lobo but don't know where or who could build it for me. This way I can take out the factory one to keep for a back-up incase anything goes wrong with my build. 

                                                                           Thanks' in advance for all your help and it's nice to be here, I don't feel so lost now.


Lobo board.jpg

Lobo complete.jpg





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Hi phrunt , thanks for the welcome and the info threads, you're one of the reasons I joined up being a Kiwi and all.

      I was reading your post on Mding  going from N.Z. because of people not using real money any more, we don't want their dirty new money anyway, but there's still lot's of GOLD out there for guys like us to find (I hope). I still find plenty of pre-decimal coins at the old rugby field though. Got myself some little silver ones and a 1949 Half Crown before the rain came. Waiting on my rain cover then there's nothing stopping me, could stick my headlight on my beany as well.  We too were heading for Dansey Pass but didn't get there for the same reasons, maybe later on. 

      Got a question for you, but this could be the wrong place to ask, not sure being new here and all. Please set me straight if I'm doing wrong, but here's the ?

      Where in N.Z. can I have my MD repaired properly? I need work done, lost my pin point mode today and don't really want to ship it off to the U.S. to Tesoro if they're still there. I heard they were cutting back and maybe closing the doors altogether. I hope that don't happen, good machines is what they say especially the Lobo in the gold fields, that's why I got it.

      So who's a good Techy around here, in the know of MD's? Someone who knows their stuff not just any old jock with a screwdriver. I've had some bad luck with this Machine, first the coil plug which I fixed myself (proud of that) now this happens, hope it's not a Friday's machine.  

                                            Thanks in advance for all your help,



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Hi Simon, Yes that schematic and other pictures are from that Russian site. I have been typing to him through E-Bay trying to get one of his completed builds, box and all. I did buy a PCB from him in hopes I could find someone to assemble it for me because I lost out on the built PCB he had for sale.

However after talking with him again I find out he will be building some more assembled boards and even an under elbow unit mounted in the box with battery compartment. That's the unit I really wanted to get. 

I was going to run both on the same machine one at a time of course, to see what kind of performance it would give me. I do hope he finishes it soon.  Yes Lobo did have an early model and even some under different names, like the Ozzy one the Dingo and for some other retail stores without the Tesoro Brand name on them. 

Tesoro Dingo.jpg

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I think your just trying to make me feel better by saying these nice things about the Lobo.

That might work, but for now I'm still having buyers remorse. Just looking at my empty wallet and wiping the tears away. Thanks any how.

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I believe that circuit board is for the original Lobo.  According to Dave Johnson who designed the LST, the only thing that the Supertrac and the original share is the name Lobo.

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Really on the photo Lobo classic old mod.
The Lobo board on the photo is designed for the frequency of 17500 Hz. Resonant frequency RX - 600 Hz. Also with this board can make a resonance coil, and get an unprecedented depth. This is a board for enthusiasts.
When using the coil, which has a high thickness of wire TX (quality)-the depth of detection increases by 1.5 - 2 times compared to Lobo ST.
He also sees fine objects and thin coins vertically. It is Characterized by stability, does not depend on temperature, works in wet ground, is not susceptible to interference.

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Are there people selling the blank pcb boards or have the image so people can etch their own?

Wouldn't mind building one and make it waterproof for pond hopping and maybe hit some beaches.

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Hello to all,  s-l1600.thumb.jpg.40f992a553780ea05235642c0ceee7a2.jpg

    Yes I have a blank board if you would like to have one cheap kac. I bought it from a Russian guy on eBay just so I could open up communications with him. I have no idea how to build it and would be happy to see it put to good use. He still has one left and assembled PCB's too but if you would like the blank please buy mine. Here is the eBay link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Detector-Tesoro-Lobo-DIY-ONLY-PCB-1pc/183729092996?hash=item2ac71b7984:g:7pEAAOSw1r5bW2U6&frcectupt=true

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