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  1. That is definitely a question that I would like the answer for. At least where I detect most of the time, the Equinox in any single frequency has a big drop off in target ID accuracy and depth. No, it won’t. The whole reason for comparing frequencies is to get better target id that you can’t get with single frequencies.
  2. There is no reason coils that are not multifrequency could not be programmed into the software. XP coils are the metal detector, the controller is just a controller.
  3. Why spend time and money making coils almost nobody would buy? One that might actually lose depth instead of gaining it in bad ground? There is a reason you don’t see oversized coils offered for nearly all VLF detectors, as large coils are more the realm of PI than VLF. Sorry Eric, but it won’t happen from normal sources.
  4. Jeff already answered your question. It does not Chuck, the Deus 2 is not compatible with existing HF coils.
  5. Since the coils ARE the detector, I'm sure they could have included the coils in the Deus II programming. However, I'm not sure how the external battery used with the HF coil plays into the waterproof to 60 feet scenario, but that may be part of the issue. They may not want people putting any coils on the detector that are not as waterproof as it is rated for. No way of knowing, as XP is saying nothing, but it would be surprising if a version of this coil is not made available for the Deus II in the future. The mold exists, and that a large part of new coil cost. The coils are very popular, and it would be strange for XP to ignore the demand.
  6. I've created a new temporary subforum to hold the recent wave of videos comparing the XP Deus II to the Minelab Equinox. The focus on the battle between the $949 detector versus $1599 detector kind of says it all. Once this all dies down I will move the threads back to the Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum, but for now it was overwhelming everything else, so I thought I'd give this a try for now. XP Deus II versus Minelab Equinox Tests & Videos
  7. It’s a fabulous idea for sure. Note though that it says to go to their website for more information, and it’s nowhere to be found. Not a very good sign, so I’m not holding my breath. It’s a perfect example of vaporware.
  8. I think you have a bad unit. Deborah may also. If it’s defective no amount of tuning will work.
  9. The VAST majority of lead found with metal detectors is man made. If it’s soft and malleable, it’s almost certainly man made lead, not native lead. Galena is lead sulphide, and unlike native lead will shatter if struck with a hammer. Galena is highly variable in conductivity, with the classic clean cubic galena that I have tested basically undetectable, but those with silver and other minerals in the mix all over the map. I found some nice high silver galena in Arizona, with a very dark, dusky look a give away to high silver content, that sounded off quite nicely. See page 39 of this publication for some discussion: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1071/PVv2017n188p37
  10. I'm very much interested in the app, but as said above, it's been long on promises, and 100% short on delivery so far. https://www.xpmetaldetectorsamericas.com/xp-orx: GO TERRAIN Smart Phone Application This application for Apple IOS or Android smartphones is designed to optimize your ORX experience. Key features are: Geo-locate, a real time map and the ability to make an inventory of your finds. (Coming soon)
  11. XP has been promising and fumbling this since at least 2018, when it was first mentioned as part of the ORX release: Go terrain mobile app compatible (coming 2019). Hopefully XP does not renege on it with Deus II like they have with ORX owners so far.
  12. It’s not a Coiltek vs Minelab thing. There are six coils you can get, each one has a place on an Equinox depending on what you are doing. In my opinion only four are worth serious consideration. If you want a 6x10 get the Coiltek, if any of the other three, you’ll be getting a Minelab coil. The 6” round gets into the tiniest locations, and hits the smallest targets. The 6x10 gets about the same small item performance as the 6 round, a hair more depth on larger stuff, but mainly covers more ground, while still getting into tight spots. Excellent target separation, and a very popular coil size. 11” round is the best all rounder, which is why it’s the stock coil 12x15 gets best depth on larger targets while still doing well on smaller stuff (but not as well as smallest coils), and for a large coil is relatively light, superb for covering huge fields or beaches. In my opinion only, the Coiltek 9x14 offers no depth real edge over the 11” round, though it does have a better ground coverage profile. As an epoxy filled coil it is heavy, and I’d only really consider it possibly for underwater use. The 15” round is simply too heavy, for no real extra depth, especially in mineralized ground. If in mild soil, and on larger items, it would offer the best depth of any Equinox coil, but overall I’d say pass on this one. If you have to do it, get an aftermarket counterbalanced shaft. Not a bad idea with the 12x15, and pretty much a necessity with this coil. Again, just my opinion. Equinox coils by Minelab Equinox coils by Coiltek
  13. It’s not that I’m not interested in performance, I’ve just been in the game too long to think this current generation in progress is going to make that much difference. The best I expect from Deus II is a combination of Equinox and Deus 1 performance in a single detector, not something that will exceed either to any serious degree. In one regard my bar is lower than yours, so I will be more easily satisfied. What Toms experiment (and Culpepper, and a lifetime of nugget detecting) has proven to me is that to get it all, get a PI, or at a minimum a good all metal VLF, and dig it all. Anything else is going to leave a ton of masked targets behind, including all these latest new toys. People would be quite shocked to know what they are passing over almost every outing by employing discrimination, but that’s just the way it is.
  14. I've never paid attention to other people when it comes to the whole performance thing, as it almost never applies to my ground and targets. 10" dimes? With a PI but not happening with a VLF here. So I look for the specs I want, then get the detector, and I determine for myself how it performs. I've also finally realized VLF is all splitting hairs these days, and see no need to get every new one that comes along just to try it. It is just a waste of time and money. I've been eyeballing the ORX for over a year, but never could quite pull the trigger. This may be silly to some, but Legend vs Deus II for me pretty much boils down to I want the XP S rod, the best in the business. I'm sure the Legend is just fine, but I don't want another under 4 lb straight shaft detector. Nobody ever praised Equinox ergonomics except the weight, and it has a lot to do with being a straight shaft design. I tried a Simplex and was no happier, and for the same reason, so I know I'm not going to love the feel of the Legend on my arm. I've had a couple Deus, and know I will love the Deus II on my arm. I can find stuff with any of them, so it's on such mundane things now that my decisions often turn. Comfort on my arm, and audio, audio, audio.
  15. I’ve voiced similar opinions, but you’ve changed it from “probably” to “won’t”. Ones speaking to probabilities, the other an absolute, and mischaracterizes the original statements. Compete means different things also. If a detector had 1% less depth than an Equinox, but twice the waterproof integrity, there would be those who would say that’s fair and needed competition. I frankly liked the Apex, which takes a beating now, because it was sold as an Ace, not a Equinox beater. It fits it’s niche.
  16. Yeah, but Chuck, I don’t care about the whole “which performs better” thing as much as the “how is it physically designed" thing. Feature sets matter to me as much or more than performance, because I know 1/4” one way or the other simply will not have a major bearing in my detecting. I’m quite confident we are splitting hairs with current technology when it comes to that sort of thing. If depth matters, I’ll use a PI, not a VLF. It’s the battle for second place at best regarding depth. In other words, I don’t need to use either one to look at both, consider the feature sets, and make an objective opinion about what is best for me.
  17. I don’t agree with that assessment in the slightest. Plenty of positive commentary here where it’s deserved, and also otherwise, but often warranted. I think the folks here are second to none when it comes to calm, intelligent commentary. Telling Dilek I find the current approach unappealing is not being negative. It’s valuable feedback that a person in her position should listen to, and be grateful for. She’s in marketing, and when your approach engenders negative feelings, then you’d best pay attention. It does her no service to just make happy noise, if it’s not entirely genuine. I’m her biggest fan, but I’m not a fan of responding to every tiny slight. They have a saying about rolling in the mud with the pigs…..
  18. Why is this a good thing? Devices backed by an international standard rating of IP68 are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes. That’s it. It’s nothing to brag about, and I have no doubt an Equinox would test out as IP68 also. Thirty minutes people, thirty minutes, and almost everyone exceeds that. An IP68 rating basically means a wading detector. Now, any manufacturer can warranty above and beyond that for anything they want. The margin of safety above and beyond the official rating, who knows, but there are higher official ratings one could achieve, except these devices do not. Or that’s how they would be officially rated. The manufacturers are simply gambling on certain failure rates, which absolutely will occur, and the number they are willing to cover under warranty. Everyone really needs to quit making IP68 out like it’s special. It’s not. It’s merely an admission of a minimal level of waterproof integrity, with only whatever the manufacturer adds above and beyond under warranty as having any real meaning. https://www.enclosurecompany.com/ip-ratings-explained.php https://www.polycase.com/techtalk/nema-rated-enclosures/ip67-vs-ip68.html Metal detectors designed for genuine underwater use are generally rated to 200 feet or more! These various IP68 devices are not remotely in the same category.
  19. I’d say so, nice solid nuggets, that’s what I like to see!
  20. It’s hard to do these sorts of things without somebody getting bent out of shape. I treat my gear extremely well. If my sharing buddy beat it up, I’d be unhappy. It’s not something I’d do personally. Renting high dollar detectors is common in Australia, and almost unheard of here.
  21. You mean calabash does not work for us and is at our beck and call 24/7, with no life outside of doing these videos? It is funny to me sometimes how people these days seem to think there is an absolute right to see videos before buying anything, to the point where some people now demand them. Funny thing is the same people often never lift a finger on forums to help other people with questions. I'm not pointing a finger at anyone in particular, so nobody take it personally. Just a general observation on internet culture these days.
  22. Yes. Does the new detector do anything to improve this issue? Since we are talking a bucket of dirt, here is a test scenario with a bucket of dirt to show how one might be done. It was done before Equinox, which has proven to be very good in this type of soil, but still with room for improvement. The original Deus is no slouch either, as this video shows. Just an FYI though - no VLF holds a candle to a good PI under these types of scenarios. The Tarsacci was and still is heavily hyped as a "hybrid detector" capable of discrimination to PI depths, but I was getting 50% more depth on coin targets with my GPX 6000 beyond the point at which the Tarsacci lost them entirely. It was not even close. The Tarsacci might do great for a VLF, but it will not have all the PI guys giving up on PI. At some point though somebody will have to do Tarsacci vs Deus II
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