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  1. In reality, you are 100% right on Mr Porter. I'm with the dog and will enjoy any bones coming our when when time is right. No worries about sensitivity issues with me, all is good. Now for Chuck and my chapstick...All dry baby, the rougher the better.
  2. That's exactly what pisses me off about the American detector manufactures. Fisher (an American company) patented the 1st MD'er in 1931 and still in business today (but slowly bleeding). Garrett, the next best thing is their dumbbell weight ATX Deep Seeker (which needed redesigned 3 yrs ago). Tesoro and White's have died off. I'm coming to the conclusion in my 45 yrs of detecting, the American Engineers are not as bright (I won't use STUDIP), but give me a break. What does the future of Fisher and Garrett hold? I'm starting to read the bathroom wall writings and it's not looking good and it's certainly not in Arabic either. But maybe it should?
  3. Covid Stress Relief Read... Warning, There is some DUMB sarcasm in this post. When it comes to metal detecting, I have no issues with any country and or how dumb/smart we/they/you/me be. If I offend you, no worries, it won't be the last time either. We need to go back a few years for some to realize, some dumb facts.... I figured it out. Gold Monster 1000 - Remember when Africa was sent the Gold Monster 1000 and nobody else. We in USA were told it was designed for them people and it even came with an adaptor for the broom stick (I'm not joking). Yea that detector, the one with Arabic writing on it. The one that's so simple and dummy proof that anyone could use it. But America and Aussies were left out? Well what happened? Australia gold hunters cried like little babies and said "we just as dumb as Africa" and want that detector. Poof and a few months later it happened. Then USA gold hunters cried like little spoiled brats we are and said, "we just as dumb as Africa and Australia" and we want a turn on & go machine. Poof and a few months later it happened. You see, even though this (now the #1 selling gold detector in the world) was never meant for USA or Aussie land, it has earned the respect and accolades as the most STUPID PROOF VLF gold detector out that that actually works quite well for ALL DUMMIES including myself. And that is the #1 reason I prefer selling it. Minelab struck it rich with this detector even when it was never intended for other markets. Hats off to the dummy Minelab Engineer (do they even have dumb Engineers?) who thought of it, but spill your beer to the marketing person who said it's for Africa Only, so I was told. I strongly feel this does make since, after all who in America reads Arabic and who has put a broom handle on the adaptor (would love to see pics). Heck I was going to do a video of just that, but then realized I wasn't smart enough to figure out the adaptor part's usage. GPX-6000 - Now we are coming to the most sensitive DUMMY PROOF Pulse Induction detector to ever be released and almost everyone seems to realize USER FRIENDLY (Dumb Operators) and ERGONOMICS is a MUST. Hats off to the Minelab team who realized this. Spill your beer to the team who thinks USA/Australia don't want the 17" MONO coil. After all we want what Africa gets...is what I hear us spoiled brats are calling. Well, well it's not so simple Mr. Scrooge. COILS -1st off, everyone is getting a MONO coil (yippie), but many of are not happy with DD coil we are getting. I feel it seems to do with the amount of EMI we run into the US, amount of transmitters/receivers, cell towers and airports/military across our land. I know for a fact there are good gold areas I had issues with EMI on my current detectors and MONO coils. Australia is probably close to the same issues I mentioned for USA, but I do know they have vast openness, but much more mineralized soils and salt as well. I tried detecting the salt flats there and even my old DD was not very productive, the MONO was useless and the best coil was the CoilTek Anti interference/salt. So I'm sure that's why we are getting the DD to begin with. The good thing is...after time and when Covid might be over, we'll be able to order the larger, deeper 17" MONO down the road. YIPPIE...Down the road!!! Batteries - Africa gets 2 and we get 1. Heck no, I can easily count two to two one...heck you know what I mean. Why is this Gerry? I thought this hard through and through (bout gave myself a headache), I thought so hard. And a lightbulb across the street came on... I realized to the conclusion, if we are just as Dumb as Africa and forget to charge our GPX-6000 battery that night (I've seen it happen on my 5000 and 7000), then we deserve 2 batteries as well, cause we just as dumb and forgetful (speaking for myself or am I?). Anyway, The best way to fix the not charged battery, is to get up before your hunting buddy and take his battery, put it on your machine and then put your dead battery on his charger. A bit later, everyone gets up, grabs their gear and heads out for the day's hunt. About 2 to 3 hours and 6 miles from the truck, he realizes his detector is down for the day and you get to keep digging gold. That's not dumb on my part, but being impromptu..until your buddies realizes anyway. Back to batteries and a strong thoughtful reason of why we (Australia & US) are only getting 1 battery in each box? Could it be because of the restrictions on shipping batteries in US and Australia is different than Africa? Heck, if you go online and try to decipher the allowance of a metal detector on a plane, you'll get quite confused and want to call their Help Line. Please don't do that, you'll get a dummy at the other end, that owns a Gold Monster 1000, and is afraid to tell you anything. Heck they won't even tell you if they take their detector on the plane. Does anyone know if Africa rules are much more allowable for electronics and battery devices coming into their country is different? I'm too DUMB to know, but I sure would like a 2nd battery. I will say this with pretty much certainty though. After time and when Minelab is caught up with GPX-6000's, I do feel we'll get the option to purchase a 2nd battery. Lets just hope its nothing pricewise like the GPX-5000 battery ($441 US), That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Can anyone shed some light to my dumb thinking? BTW. You know what that Arabic writing says on the GM-1000 as I'm to dumb to know? I heard through the tomato vine, it meant "Dummy Proof Detector". Heck, sign me up.
  4. I will be sure to share this video with my students before they arrive at the Field Training. Proper coil control is a must and they show it very well. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Just goes to show how much gold is still out there to be found. How many years have you been going down there to those same spots and still finding gold? Looks like you are heading home with another stash of golden cash or is this batch For Sale? Thanks for sharing.
  6. I think the above is what happened to this one. Looks like a 3 oz'er to only come in at 1.3 ozt. Still a momentous recovery for that area and the person who dug it.
  7. They make the best metal detecting technology in the world. Who would want to be the Engineer at Minelab that says "I designed that carry bag". Should we get a team of Engineers and maybe a physicist to come up with the ultimate hard case to carry the detector? I'm perfectly fine with their direction and what they specialize in. Besides, you know the hard case (if it had a Minelab name on it), would cost $500 or more. The battery and other coil, will eventually be available sometime in 2025/26 after the Duzy 20 outbreak. You should see the complete head helmet we will be required to wear for that bastard of infection.
  8. Top 10 States and gold production. Who would have realized Utah and South Dakota? Heck, I only have a few customers who have found nuggets in either of those states. I think I actually have more customers that have found nuggets in North Carolina than UT and SD... We need to start hearing stories from those folks in such hidden quiet places... Or maybe they prefer it that way?
  9. Heck, I think my Training Trips and Sessions are going to be obsolete? We thought that with the GPZ-7000, but still lived on. Only time will tell.
  10. It all looks good to me even though I would have preferred a package like Africa, I realize there is no control over how they package it across the world and I get what they send me. At least we now know for certain the option of the larger 17" MONO will eventually show up for us here in the US. I was informed by a source I trust, my 3 Day Field Training in early April, not to expect any GPX-6000's. Maybe I should add a May training class? I already have a June session for Rye Patch, so we have the bases covered there. As they say "Patience is a virtue".
  11. You bring up some good points as well. What I don't understand is so many folks won't hunt tailing piles because of trash and that is exactly why some of the piles still produce nice gold. It's the same reason I enjoy old coin detecting at sites filled with old iron rusty cans and bits of metal, nails and trash. They still hold the occasional old coin in amongst the trash and it takes time, patience and a little skill. Tiny over 10 yrs ago is a different meaning than today's tiny gold. Good catch. Today's tiny is this pics below, although I would not hunt for this size of gold in tailing piles. All found with a VLF by one of my old staff using his GB-2 and 6" coil.
  12. Hearing me tell folks, they high dollar detector misses many kinds of gold is easy to ...yea whatever. Showing folks how their detector misses all those kinds of gold... is an eye opening. What you do with the knowledge learned is up to you, I'm just the teacher helping students understand gold is not just gold and the different detectors are needed. Glad you were able to learn and most importantly...remember. Gold Catcher - I don't have as may Pre Sales Customers as I had expected? Maybe the stimulus checks will help. Norvic - It is quite a decision to it's final fate. I thought about sending it to yo then realized you're in Australia. Plus I hate to pass on such stressful thoughts of its demise to a friend. WesD & jason - I don't think at all the pursuit of.. and or gold itself is a waste of investment. It's an occasional detector purchase, outdoor breathing, free exercise and workout, comradery with your friends who enjoy doing the same thing. The gold we find has value...if we decide to sell it. It has memories of the trips and adventures in trying to collect it. No matter what country you find yourself in, an few grams of gold is supplies, food...life. As a hobby, I have fished, hunted, bowling, archery, coin detecting. I did all those for 40+ yrs and for many of the same reasons I mentioned above. Only the coins/artifacts of detecting have a value I can sell today and get cash. In the last 20 yrs, I have found 100X more value I can cash than even my only coins, in half the time. I feel nugget hunting has been the best investment for all the hobbies I have ever done and the returns are worth more than all the others combined. No, it's not like real-estate, the stock market for most people but those require the person to have a good chunk of change to get involved, for the average individual. Yes my property has went up in value, just like everyone else. It took a big chunk of money and a loan and paid interest to get that far. The average Joe is only going to have 1 or 2 chances of those purchases in a lifetime, when in fact many people can afford the detector and pursuit of gold. Or we could hang out at the local pub and drink/drink our hard earned wages away and have nothing but a headache in the morning? I'll stick with detector in hand instead of a beer.
  13. I don't feel a different coil is needed for nuggets vs specimens. I think (could be wrong) the original source of the gold from thousands of years ago is what dictates if the gold is in nugget or specimen form. On many occasions the specimens when slowly working their way down the river systems, start breaking apart to allow for some smaller solid nuggets coming off the larger specimens. For example, in Southern Idaho we have thousands of tiny picker nuggets and 100's of ounces of the well known flower gold or dust. Our potato specimens eventually turn to dust over time. In Northern Idaho and Eastern Oregon, they had bigger veins of gold so the chances of bigger nuggets and more solid specimens have been recovered with detectors. We still prefer the faster and lighter VLF type detectors with stock size coils. Realize a small pea nugget will eventually work it's way down into the tailing piles and be out of reach of most VLF types, so that's why I normally spend my time in tailings chasing bigger gold. As Steve mentioned. Study the area and know the kind and size of gold being recovered in that area. Then match the coil size to the size of gold you wish to hunt and match the size of gold to the size of tailings. Big cobbles are the least productive, but on a rare occasion the biggest of finds. It there is exposed bedrock, that is the site I put the small coil to get the little pickers. It does not matter is it's a specimen or nugget, a VLF hits them both well. 3 gram nuggets and up, I feel the stock coil on most detectors is sufficient, unless you know your buddies have cleaned it with stock, then try something different. In the pics, you'll see I'm detecting golf ball to fist size rock piles using a VLF EQ-800 with the larger 15x12" Coil. I typically use the stock 11" coil for these piles, but my hunting buddies spent a summer on it with their stock coils so I had to try something different. You can see in the rock piles, trying to find a grain of rice piece of gold is almost worthless, so I don't even attempt it at this kind of location. Good Luck.
  14. Lunk, For all the gold that scoop has helped uncover and not damage, you should put that baby on a plaque as it's earned it's worth and then some. What really surprises me, is you can keep one that long without loosing it. That's certainly a wall hanger next to a pic of Smokey and Neverquit.
  15. As a Marine, I totally busted as I started the read. Great memories...but the reality is, I treat my GPZ-7000 the same way.
  16. jasong - That would be the most wise decision for the majority. I kind of like to take that money and buy more detectors to sell. Invest it back into my business and for another trip/adventure. GoldTree - I'm not much of a crusher, but when I do, it's usually the ugly kind that hang around Madtuna. Madtuna - If dating ugly and gold nuggets are both going home with you. Hey...you're doing better than most. I think most guys would take your odds. okara gold - Yes I agree the slabbing is worth most $$$ but the time spent trying to get top dollar could be used for other things. Or just stick a blow torch to it.....and be over with. Good options to own. Cascade Steven - Thanks for the nice words. I'm not an expert at selling or cutting so when that time comes, I usually let the experts handle it. Was found with a VLF by my customer. Valens Legacy - I appreciate your interest, but would not want people to commit until we see the finished product. I have heard of a few horror stories when slabbing. I think it's kind like cutting a thunder egg (rock) and hoping its full of pretty crystals when done, but sometimes it's nothing fancy. Jonathan Porter - Gold Hound would be laughing the whole time. It's a different feeling for the owner vs the spectator.
  17. Sorry the 800 does not have the Heat/Melt Snow Mode. I actually took mine out to an old park on Saturday to test the new NOX 15" round Coil and pulled these silver nuggets. It's been a while since I had an 8 silver day.
  18. For me personally, NV has proved me the most tonnage., 2nd would be Oregon, 3rd is Idaho, 4th is Alaska, 5th is MT, 6th is Arizona. That lead I've helped recover from mother earth eventually will be worth something some day. Now if you asked me about gold? I'd probably have to say the same order. Me taking a guess without asking internet, I would imagine NV or AK.
  19. I'm glad someone pulled it out of hibernation and posted it for everyone. Yes there are quite a few newer detectorists who are on here now, so this bit of info might help. Thanks for being patient.
  20. Great resources and knowledge being shared. Thanks for opening up more opportunities and potentials. Now I just need the GPX-6000 and off I go.
  21. Well done my friend and what's nice is to see specimens of Au and outer space from the same trip. Glad the winds did not cause damage and you made it home safely. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Valens Legacy – I agree, slabbing could be the ultimate cash cow, if one wants to take the time. Gold Hound – Yes many pieces and chunks have been crushed throughout our lives, but then we don’t get to pass on the natural beauty and or see what potentials if could bring if acid or slabbed or left on a small turn table in a museum? Yes the fast cash would mean a smashing, but I feel that is last resort. Matt – You do bring up some points, but I could just as easily smash the smaller ones and end up with a gold bar, while still keeping the bigger skull type looking gold. Swegin – I think there are a few sophisticated types who would in fact enjoy it sitting on their office desk. Or in a museum on a turn table. Joe D. – Agreed and it won’t happen while I’m the owner. NV-OR-ID-CAL-AU – I’m more of a keep it natural kind of guy myself. Yes there will be a time when it goes for sale and at that time the decision will be made and options weighed. I have seen some great pieces from OR that when acid etched, turned museum quality.
  23. Yes the value if slabbed could bring a petty penny over time. I too, am a guy who uses DISC on my GPX-5000 and VLF's more than most folks. Sure they can dig it all, but hunt some of my sites and you'll never get 30 feet in a day. I'm happy with my style and success rate, but at the same time I am always looking for a detector or settings, style, tool that will even provide me with more Success.
  24. It amazes me of a high % of younger people who call and ask about a couple different detectors they have their eye on. They are asking for my professional experience and knowledge if the two models they are considering are good. I spend 45 minutes to an hour on the phone trying to tell them the Pros/Cons. After the conversation I email them some knowledge. A week later I'll touch base and they inform me found a killer deal they could not pass up. What realize bugs me, is when they call back and want to know the best coils, headphones and how do I tell if their detector is working properly. I've gotten to the point I really don't even like carrying sub $500 detectors, as my time is to valuable. I just had a free Metal Detector Basics class on Saturday for my 14 customers and at least they understand the value of purchasing from someone who actually uses the same product they sell. I offer the same internet price as Amazon and eBay, but my knowledge and time I am willing to spend with customers is the real value. Gold Detectors are even more detailed at needing to know the ropes to help become Successful and he said it well. Why do I enjoy helping my customers become Successful? Seeing the smiles on their face and experiencing the same natural high of digging their 1st gold nugget. It's the feeling we all desire.
  25. Glad you know what you are doing. I was already quite impressed with specimen B before the cleaning, but am excited to see how much better it looks afterwards.
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