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  1. I am not smart enough to be geological...except I feel like a rock some days... maybe Chris Ralph or other smart person can guess.... best wishes
  2. Your rocks do not appear to be meteorites.... I would concentrate on the edges, on the tops of the gullies, and raking down some header/ tail piles.....I do not like the bottom of washes because of the trash....many do! good luck
  3. They trained with Live Grenades...bombing ranges still have unexploded bombs...most are off-limits. however, one must be careful! fred
  4. Art all that junk says that no one has worked the area out! Steve is truth, you are digging all the right stuff but not gold YET. I might clean up a small area then use the Gpz...all those signals would drive me nuts with a Gpz. good luck fred
  5. I hear the real adventure is riding in your Jeep, mr klunker! Mell there are ads placed in the ICMJ for California and Alaska... Usually you will be in one place and hunt from the cabin... personally, I would take Western Australia for my adventure! fred
  6. As long as the bills are paid and the. Kids are eating....the sweet spot is whatever you want to spend And use. fred
  7. Mitchell don’t be cranky....I agree with “new products “....but myth, rumors and repeating something is not an Official Announcement.....nor actual product! Show Me fred
  8. Two people or a million saying the same thing does not make it true!
  9. Doc’s Swingythingy takes all the weight and strain off your wrist, arm and shoulder....for running the big machines add Chris Porters Hipstik... Drywall hanging and racquetball in addition to detecting will cause some. Problems! fred
  10. I am under the impression that the QED has many buyers in Oz.... I am wrong again...sorry. it seems videos are the next best thing...or send it all back with instruction to test in the field with another exact same setup.... there are few things worse than hoping your machine is right but not knowing!
  11. Dave, this reminds me of when I fist started detecting for gold.....lots of comments but not one person offering to meet up with me. If the machine works but not correctly, you have no comparison to judge with. I had that problem but didn’t know the extent of the issues until I got some comparisons. I once drove 400 miles to meet up with Reg Sniff just to confirm That detector was totally stuffed! I hope someone steps up fred
  12. I want to SEE Steve’s dream prospecting detector... the sooner the better fred
  13. Well, if we had Shot more critters we would have evolved into nugget shooters rather than Hunters...😇
  14. An excellent idea, Dirty Doc... I will take one whenever you get them.... I always preferred the Garrett green gold pan because the color did not hide the gold. fred
  15. Probably because many detectorists and gold prospectors evolved from hunting and shooting...at least I did! just the thought of finding stuff offends many people, why? I haven’t a clue fred
  16. Radio Shack had a 9volt amp, with volume control that many used in the early PI days...coupled with the first coiltek enhancer they made great music together...I doubt you could get either one now... fred
  17. In the 50’S and 60’s my grandmother collected coins...we found mercs, barbers, buffs some were extremely thin.. fred
  18. It won’t take many holes to get that Park closed....your Rangers must be very tolerant....any excuse will do to stop metal detectors here! probably a drop from some careless prospector. fred
  19. I know that some get their HEaring aid tuned for detecting. hopefully they. Will give you specifics. fred
  20. I appreciate the wisdom that your expertise in business has given you. Combine that with your knowledge of metal detectors and detecting and your willingness to share....that almost makes you a detecting god...lower case, of course! fred
  21. A great buy! The Silver Sabre was/is a good coin hunting machine...I found plenty with mine. It really does love silver coins! In mild ground you can use it for nugget hunting.... fred
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