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  1. Looking for a le trap sluice.
  2. It would be way to much im sure, there already priced higher then here. Ill keep watching on ebay for a used one, if not they should be back in production next year, thats what ive learned anyway. Patend changed names is the reason for the shortage. I got christmass presents to get anyway. Thanks tho
  3. Darn thought i had one! Ive only been on the hunt for one since last year. I attemted calling and didnt get ahold of anyone, so i went ahead and ordered ordered off the website (showed 1) on the 5th, last time i seen 2 in stock online i waited 1 day to buy and missed out. Lol. But go ahead and dont refund and keep it as a donation towards earth quake damages. I hope all is well over there. If u do come up on one even used please keep me in mind.
  4. Finally found one showed they had one in stock and i just ordered it. Hope it goes thru https://shop.akmining.com/gold-mining-le-trap-river-robber-sluice-box-detail.htm?productid=-417954
  5. Struvk out with armidillo also. They got 5 on order and dont know when or if theyre coming in. The pattend switched hands and dont know when theyll be back in production
  6. Great thank u i knew i this was the place to ask. I have a couple other dredgers thats seen them in action and would love to have one also. I almost got a angus mackirk at one point, and im sure they work and the owner was real nice, but ive used the le trap and really really liked it, hate to get something a litle different when it just seemed perfect.
  7. Thank u for the info guys. The NZ shop dosnt shop here. Ill give alaksa mining a shot when i got money to blow. Ive found them twice once on ebay and once on carolina mining somethin. Of course by the time i had the cash they sold. Kinda over priced now that there rare, ive been told they were only 90-$100. When i used it i was able to put my proline 6 sluice completly back together and just set it on top of my rifle system, run 1 motor at idle. Ive done the same with ez sluice, and a pretender le trap sluice had a litle different drop rifle system, i could watch the gold go right passed each rifle and out the end.lol. even treid the ez and then the copy cat and still lost some. Brought my keene mini max out once and it worked but made more work.....
  8. Ya thats exactly what i was talking about. Thank u. I here ya seems odd having to cut it, its pretty flimsy to but it worked amazing. I just want it to drop it in my dredge sluice to knock down my cons to carry out. It works amazing , fast, and is easy to clean out. Most importantly didnt have a spec in the tailings, i meen it wasnt a huge cleanout, maybe a 1/4"oz but everything else i treid always lost sum.
  9. Some buddies of mine that were dredging down streem from me last year let me use there letrap to do a cleanup from my 6, and man it worked great! Not a spec in the taillings and ive tested several other sluices and has found a disapointing amount in the tailings of others. I been keeping a eye out and have only seen one online shop have 2 in stock. Of course i didnt have the money to blow at the time and they both sold quick. Are they discobtinued?
  10. Man this bungy is nice! Adjust length easily, at the top or bottom, and is very fast to slap on another detector, very well thought out. Only screwed up one thing Doc, u made them to tough i wont ever need to buy another bungy again, this things gonna last forever.lol
  11. Nice looking bungy doc. Just ordered from u on ebay i hope this was what u were talking about. Im a fan of allot of ur tools, i love my gold screamer kit been at least 3yrs of abuse and im still on original batteries. Thanks
  12. Goldgetter

    Keene Mini Max

    he keeps yelling at me every time I call it my sluice. so I guess I didn't get a new toy.lol.
  13. Goldgetter

    Keene Mini Max

    finally got one of these units. first impressions are very good. I love how nice the legs unfold and have many different positions very easy to set up, even for the first time. I had about three 6" dredge trips and allot of misc samples from different areas, and I've already panned all this and then ran it thru my junky gem stone sluice. ( of course my three yr old boy ran by and dumped a litle sniffer botle in that had some black sand and gold.lol. so it kinda reun the test I was trying to achieve. this thing can run allot of cons fast, I could throw two scoops of damn near all black sand with no problems. I got the new version with one big pump. it has a flare to turn it into a regular sluice, 2 diferent clasifyers and two different sets of rifles. the riffles for cons fits allot looser so I'll probally just use the bigger riffles for everything. all in all its a nice light weight set up that will work perfect for sampling creeks that arnt flowing or a fast way to knock down cons from my 6. I havnt used the cube but I could see where it would be better on dredge cons. ill eventually have both and do some test.
  14. Goldgetter

    Dd Depths