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  1. So this has been a yard orndimat for many years and I'm sick of not really knowing what it is. How can one find out what something is and what's its value. Its none magnetic and very heavy for its size.
  2. I have ran this one season. Has 2 9hp with 2 person dive compressors,cam locks, custom clean out system, brand new hot water heater(not installed)..... testing water $8000 posible trade prefer cash. Things of interest gpz7000,sdc2300,gpx5000, toyota 4x4 4cyl only, maybe other stuff, dosnt hirt to ask. Located in ca. Pm for details
  3. Perferably 10x5, maybe coiltek platus. But im open to what ever dosnt hurt to ask. Thanks
  4. http://gerrysdetectors.com Ive got all my detectors from Gerry, and did his feild training in nevada. Very glad i did the training as i was very overwhelmed when i first purchased my gpx, and can honestly say i probally wouldnt have been as succesfull without it.
  5. I lost my scoop about a year ago and finally ordered a new one. With out it my headphones would always get picked up by the coil, wasnt to bad but i always found myself leaning away and reaching. Scoop gets it about perfect distance away. Just wish they would make one with a few real riffles in it to pan out the fines.
  6. I treid someting similare but wasnt quit what i want. Looks like it works great for u. Best thing i had was my own litlle invention i called the pick pocket lol. Worked like a charm, and replaced my swing arm thing. Unfortunatly i broke my extra long pick and havnt fixed it yet, and i kept getting poison oak on my arm from my pick head.
  7. U ever get some of these made. Im on the hunt for one...
  8. I have tge garret z link setup and the wireless headphones with docs gold screamer kit. Works good, love being wireless. My buddy is stuck on keeping his factory crap on his and he swears its better, but every time we go thru brush he hangs up constantly.lol. i just laugh and slide thru it all. What other wireless setup have anyone used on gpx? Z link works but there can always be better. I was wondering about the ghost? The wireless headphones is the way i think, i tried having a transmitter and reciever, and pluging headphones into one, but it was annoying with all the extra headphone cord.
  9. I took the training a few years back when i first started detecting. It was a huge help and gave me allot better understanding on allot of stuff, not just details about the machine i was useing "gpx5000". After, i had everything i needed to know to get beeping with my new machine. Well worth it. Thank u to gerry and his crew.
  10. I have one. I still perfer my regular old pan, but thats what im used to. Would fit in a pack allot better
  11. It would be way to much im sure, there already priced higher then here. Ill keep watching on ebay for a used one, if not they should be back in production next year, thats what ive learned anyway. Patend changed names is the reason for the shortage. I got christmass presents to get anyway. Thanks tho
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