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  1. I can't recommend this product. I'm on my second one already, because the first one won't stay paired. Now my replacement won't stay paired either. It sometimes pairs, but then drops in and out as you're recovering the target. It's very annoying. I guess I'll be returning this one and going on to a third hoping it works as it should. Oh, I'm also on my 4th WT-1 transmitter as they keep dying on me. My third replacement lasted about a week. And when I had my ATMax, I had to return the coil because it was defective. What's going on at Garrett these days? Do they have a quality con
  2. I received the 35 barely used from a member here at a great price. On arrival, I tested it against my Garrett Carrot, and find it much easier to use, with better adjustment ease, as well as being capable of deeper activation on coins. The non-ferrous capability is phenomenal, and it is designed not to affect your detector while riding on your belt. Speaking of belts...the one thing I really DON'T like is the very narrow and tight belt loop on the holster. I would have much preferred the Molle-capable snap and velcro style of the Garrett. Someone wasn't thinking at Minelab. It won't fit on a
  3. Thinking about using PlastiDip for protecting the tip of my pinpointers and extending their life. Anyone tried that? Looking for experience and views. Cheers
  4. This is my first post after lurking for many months. Steve, you have a way with words and a level of civility that verges on saintly. I have learned a great deal reading your posts, specifically about the Equinox, and I hope to glean more from this excellent forum in the future. Thanks to others who also contribute excellent content. While I don't have much to share, I thought I would at least post a "tip" for a common problem we have. Here is a link to a video describing a way to keep the Garrett Carrot's tip from wearing through for not much money.
  5. detectingMO Published on Feb 25, 2017 Quick run through of MI-6 pointer setup and integration with the Deus Metal Detector.
  6. I just got my Tek-Point. I've been working with the TRX for the last year or so, so the bar was set pretty high for me. I like a lot of range and that has been the most important factor for me. I've wanted a second pinpointer for a while, and preferably Pulse Induction. I tried everything Garret has to offer and wasn't happy. I was tending toward the Gold Digger Land or Sea for quite a while and still would like to give it a go someday. I liked the 20ft waterproof rating as I'll often use my pinpointer for extended periods under water. Ultimately I couldn't resist the range I was seeing f
  7. From http://www.minelab.com/customer-care/product-notices?article=321022 Minelab PRO-FIND Series Pinpointers PRO-FIND Series Pinpointers assist in accurately locating targets at the point of extraction where a metal detector coil cannot fit. This results in smaller holes, less environmental disruption and faster target recovery time. The PRO-FIND 15 offers essential core pinpointer features and is designed for simplicity and ease of use. The PRO-FIND 35 provides premium level functionality in a fully waterproof design for the serious detectorist. Both models use V
  8. A friend took his Pro Find for a little water detecting for the first time. The trouble started when his pinpointer started acting up but then went dead . At first he was thinking the battery went dead but knew better when water came running out of the battery compartment. He looked the case over good and he could see a hair line crack on one side in the seam . He told me after this happen and looking at it again one could see the seam wasn’t fused good together. I guess you could call a factory defect and wouldn’t been known until maybe never if it didn’t go swimming. Thanks for war
  9. Looking for a Pro-Find 35 in stock...along with a lot of other people! Dealers monitoring this forum could help if you'd post when you have stock! Cheers!
  10. My Garrett Carrot is on the fritz.. random signals, not deep, or it beeps on everything. So its still under warranty and I'm going to send it back, but in the mean time I need another one. I'm not real sure I need a water proof one. I rarely hunt in the pouring down rain. I'm looking for one that is sensitive, simple to use and will last. I have heard the XP version has too many adjustments so that one is out (Even though I have a deus)
  11. Fisher is releasing a new pinpointer for metal detecting, the new Fisher F-Pulse. The name implies it is a pulse induction pinpointer? The screw in plug in the end implies AA batteries and that the unit is probably waterproof, but with no other information to go on right now these are all guesses. No word on price yet either.
  12. Of the Pin Pointers on the market what do consider the best and why?? Thanks Bill
  13. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/6554-garrett-wireless-pro-pointer-at-instructional-video/
  14. Note poster Geotech's comments. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,144349
  15. Carl I know you're not working for ML, but as an expert on simultaneous multi frequency technology you likely know a few things about the Equinox technologies. As Sunray will never do it, and ML Is challenged just to get machines out, let alone accessories, how complicated would it be to build a 3rd party inline probe for the Equinox ?
  16. So... the 800 will be my very first detector. Ultimately I want to be a nugget hunter, but I'm starting as a coin and relic hunter to get a feel for the job and it's routines. Those factors in mind, whats the best pointer that's gonna be with me through it all?
  17. Just announced yet another new pinpointer, this time from Teknetics. Since Teknetics is owned by First Texas as is Fisher I would have to assume we will see a Fisher version of this also. Looks to be a fairly standard implementation - side button, LED tucked up front. However, instead of a end cap that screws off to install batteries the Tek-Point has a screw in plug - must use a couple AA batteries? I am guessing waterproof also just based on appearance but I could be wrong.
  18. I don't remember what the default gain setting is, but don't think it's the max (4). So new out-of-the-box it's not max and if you leave the batteries out for an extended period of time (it will 'remember' if you're just changing batteries) it will revert to factory default, I think. I wish White's had included this kind of detailed instructions with the unit but mine didn't have them -- don't know why. I always run it maxed out, and it works great in that mode, IMO.
  19. My new F-Pulse was delivered today and I got and chance to do a brief field test... I'm very impressed! It feels solid and fits perfectly in hand. No falsing when you shake or bend it. It's quite stable at full sensitivity and DEEP... So deep I'm able to use it like a 1" coil and perform an ultra-precise pinpoint on coins. That enables a surgical extraction on manicured lawns. Carl you did a great job on this project, thanks! Now get back to work on some new detectors ?
  20. I realized it might be useful to see how small an item the F-Pulse can detect. So I made a quick video testing a .18g and a .13g lead fragments. I think this might be a useful tool for sniping bedrock this summer, we will see.
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