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Manual Balancing Absent In Beach Programs

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More than a few times, someone explained that it is not possible to balance the terrain manually in multifrequency, as it is certainly easier to do with mono.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I was waiting for this feature in the new update, considering that on the Orx at the beach on wet sand, a dutiful 25/27 is ideal for quieting saline terrain.

Strangely on the Deus2 I get a much more "loaded" balance, ranging between 79 and 87, when in contrast I get false signal on hot rocks and clay around 25/28...

Can someone explain how to deal with this thing lowering at the best the G.B. ?

I figured out to move the coil higher on the seafloor to capture a different grab, but it works relatively and never obtained a lower number than 70.

What are we talking about if the proper setting is usually 25/28 for the wet/salt/sand?


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