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Received an email from Regis Resources tonight concerning an increase in sightings of wild dogs and two close call incidents over the last few weeks.
As of tomorrow an intensive baiting and track 'em and whack 'em program will start between King of Creation mine and Garden well mine on the Erlistoun / Bandya boundary.

Also, due to some numpty flapping his gums in the Laverton van park "if my dog takes a bait I'll shoot the station owner" the new station owners are exercising their right and from now on no dogs are permitted on Erlistoun station without prior written consent.

Sorry folks, not my doing blame it one idiot and his big mouth.

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always one in the crowd

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G'day Steve, Must say for my couple of months plus out in the goldfields I haven't seen/heard so many wild dogs before, Almost every night/morning you hear them, Seen plenty wandering around but luckily had no encounters of a bad kind with them. Lot's of wild dogs out there !  The baiting programs don't seem to be doing much to dent the numbers.



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Are these coyotes or what? Never seen wild dogs in the US? Do they attack people?


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tvanwho,  I may seem confusing at first because he said this was happening in WA. But WA is not Washington State, it is Western Australia. They don't have Coyotes there.

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Sorry Tvan, yep WA Australia, I post it here as this forum is frequented by a lot of Aussies, many who visit WA.


Ashley, two really good wet seasons in a row has allowed them to breed up.

The big wets have also reduced the effectiveness of the baits, couple that with some rather slack or next to non existent baiting programs and you have a problem.

Two attacks on people last year in my area and one was a pretty severe mauling. So far this year two close call incidents at the mines reported, plus I had a couple of run in this year also.

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