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Go Detect Phone App

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Anyone use this? I've read mixed reports on it in terms of android/apple and that it is out and being used and that it's currently not available for use. This would be a huge assist/help to me in hunting the areas I currently have permission for. I never quite figured out the GPS on my CTX and am hopeful my iphone can be integrated into my detecting. 

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I haven't tried using.

Generallly no cell phone service in my area.

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Never thought about cell service being an issue. I have roughly 100 acres to hunt on two sites that used to be farm housing communities from the early 1900's until roughly 1980's. Now they're huge corporate nurseries so I've been trying to use Google Earth, Historic Aerials to try and zero in on targets. 

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Hi Skate,

I downloaded it to try it but it was unfinished and never worked. Now it appears to have been withdrawn from the market.

Do you still have the CTX? I might be able to help you with running the GPS system on it.

I have personally been trying to find a decent phone tracking app and while there are many good ones, like MotionX, none seem to let me zoom in close enough for detailed ground mapping.

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Thanks Steve,

I traded in my CTX due to it's fragile nature (for me) and got the Deus. The GPS phone app was one of the selling points so I hope they reintroduce it soon. I'd pay for a good app at this point as it could save me a ton of time in locating the streets and home locations. Hopefully someone with the skills will create one as I'm sure they'd make a little coin from the MD community. 

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    • By tvanwho
      Does anybody know why a gravel bar in a creek on Google Earth would show as Pink instead of black and white? This is in central Indiana, not much in colored rocks or mineral deposits in the area. It is a glacial gold area and with copper nuggets but they don't show up on aerial maps. I did spot a large gray clay stream bank on another creek which had alternating layers of red and gray just above the creek line like an ice cream cake. Too bad its owned by the state and they refuse to let us prospect there. It is a known gold creek too.
      It cannot be seen without Google Earth and a Historical Imagery view of the woods taken March 30 ,2005, otherwise tree cover blocks the view on both of these creeks.
      What's the best color laser printer for around $300 for aerial map prints?
      -Tom V.
    • By vanursepaul
      Thanks to Merton's persistence,
      I got this in the mail today. Very small, I should have had one years ago. ResQLink + Website

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Thanks to Dick Hammond for pointing this out. It is a reasonably inexpensive and effective alternative to the satellite phone. I have an Iridium phone I have used for years. It is the best insurance policy you can purchase for remote operations. But the phones are expensive, and the plans more so. Phones are around $800 now, but you can get used ones for about half that. It is the plans that add up. In Alaska we are lucky because a 6 month plan can be had for half what it costs for global minutes.

      Information on DeLorme InReach

      Cost for Iridium Sat Phone Plans

      I may sell my Sat phone and get the InReach and have money left over. May be a better option for me now. Buy an InReach Communicator here.


    • By Clay Diggins
      A review

      Anyone who uses the BLM LR2000 search function knows it can be a challenge to get meaningful results. Often the service is down but you aren't notified of a problem with the system until you go through the whole complex search process to discover there was an "error". Frustrating at times.

      Well it appears the BLM decided it was time to change the look and feel of the LR2000 search function. They notified users months ago that they were working on an improved version but they caught a lot of people by surprise when they introduced the NEW! IMPROVED! LR2000 on November 1 and shut down the functions of the OLD! BAD! LR2000 at the same time.

      Problem was they didn't tell anyone. The old LR2000 still appears to be there and will allow you to do a search. That search returns an error, as mentioned earlier that's not unexpected or uncommon when using the LR2000. I use the LR2000 a lot when I need the most recent information on a land or claim case file. It took me nearly 24 hours after the changeover to get fed up enough with the old LR2000 not working to try the new LR2000 which has been available but not working for the last nine months. I'm hoping the BLM will set up that old LR2000 web address to redirect to the new LR2000 page so others won't have to waste their time beating a dead search system like I did.

      The old LR2000 was clunky. It reminded me of an old unfamiliar broken down right hand drive truck with a Japanese language repair manual. It was really that awkward and counter intuitive. There were many blogs, manuals and videos devoted to explaining the esoteric mysteries of the BLM's version of public access to public records, I even helped write a few myself. I made good use of the old LR2000 on the days it was working and I was glad to have it when I could get results but it needed fixing.

      The new LR2000 has a cleaner less intimidating interface with a slightly simpler set of options. I really don't like the "black topo" background the BLM now puts on all their web pages. If you like the black topo theme you are probably going to like the look of these new search pages better than the old ones.

      The behind the scenes search function has changed a lot from the old LR2000. I tried it on several browsers and three operating systems. I had problems on every browser and system. The Search seems to hang in some circumstances, in others it returns results as quickly as the old LR2000. The actual search itself seems to be slower sometimes. Every browser I tried had problems when it had run a few searches. The searches would eventually hang and several loops would keep the browser so busy it would lock up. That's not something I'm used to experiencing. This is a new system so I'm hoping the BLM will get these glitches out soon.

      The results of each search now displays in a new interface. Essentially there will be a window frame on the results page with the document displayed inside the frame as a PDF. Like the old LR2000 there are options to download the document in several formats including Excel, PDF and HTML. You can now modify or start a new search from the results page.

      Land Matters has made an effort to bypass the clunky old LR2000 interface and allow you to directly access any claims BLM serial register page directly with a few clicks on a map. This turned out to be a lot quicker way to get information on claims in a specific area without having to pound through the old LR2000. Being a direct live link to the BLM the information is as current as possible unlike other mapping programs that present static information updated every month or so.

      When the unannounced changeover in LR2000 search systems happened it broke Land Matters system of direct access. With more than 380,000 mining claims being actively tracked Land Matters had a problem. Claims Advantage Members also get several reports a month. In the last two days Land Matters had released two reports with a combined total of more than 20,000 maps and direct links to a broken LR2000. That's 400,000 missing documents. Sometimes life can be.... interesting.

      Needless to say I have been busy. It took 24 hours but I deciphered the new LR2000 system, fixed the links to the serial register pages and corrected, compiled and uploaded new member reports. The mining claim serial register pages linked to on the maps load more quickly than the old ones did. If you have any problems with those maps or the Member Reports please let me know.

      Please try out the new LR2000 and share your experiences here. Try the Mining Claims Maps at Land Matters and marvel at the new search results. If you like the way the map link system works we can add the feature for a lot more types of research.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      When Chris ralph and I were down in Phoenix I was fortunate that Chris lined up a dinner with Barry and Leigh, the brilliant couple behind the new non-profit educational organization, Land Matters. The website at http://www.mylandmatters.org/ is your constantly expanding source of land related information, including:
      Library - A Library full of free maps, guides, books, tutorials and reference materials.
      Maps - Interactive maps for your area of interest. More being added every week.
      Articles - Factual articles written by those in the know. Information that you can rely on.
      Resources - Links and contacts to other communities of knowledge.
      Outreach - Programs that engage the community directly. Seminars, outings, trainings etc.
      I am far from done checking it all out myself, but this looks like something we should all consider getting on board with and supporting if possible. Check it out. I have added this banner to the rotating collection in the upper left corner:

      and added them to my links list
      Barry and Leigh, very nice meeting you, and keep up the great work!
      Here is a link to the new interactive land management status map http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/Management/GetMap

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Last fall I ordered the North Fork American River edition of the FootPrints mapping software produced by Miner Diggins at http://www.minerdiggins.com/ I am far from expert with the software, but my stock in trade is research and I immediately saw the value in this series. In theory it is information I could find on my own for "free" but my time is valuable. Any shortcuts I can take when getting the information I need to go prospecting I am more than willing to invest in. I just ordered the Middle Fork American River, Gold Basin, North Bradshaws, East Bradshaws, and Black Canyon editions, all for less than the cost of a Minelab coil.

      The most valuable part for me is the current mining claims mapped to more than section level accuracy, which is all you get with other software. Not knocking the other guys - I subscribe to them also. There is a lot of additional value in geologic and historical map overlays. All in all, an excellent product well worth the investment.

      Now if Clay and Ruby can just get those other California editions completed and available, the sooner the better, I will add to my collection. Great stuff - I just love maps!