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  1. gambler

    Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    cool vid tom
  2. gambler

    Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    cool, lets see more.
  3. gambler

    Gpz 7000 Starting Out Video

    thanks guys and gal so I am ok to use the garret carrot with the gpz if I need it? no cross interferance?
  4. gambler

    Gpz 7000 Starting Out Video

    two quick questions, 1. he uses his hand a lot over the coil, can I assume the z isnt sensitive to human hands like a vlf? 2. why doesn't he use a pinpointer?
  5. Hi guys, in your opinion, what is the best vid on youtube for someone just starting out with the gpz? Maybe something that walks you through the start up settings and stuff.
  6. I've never been 300 feet from a stream, including right in front of forest service officer. not disputing what you said, but until someone with a uniform tells me different I'm 'banking. that seems like a flippant response, however it's not meant to be. I believe I am not breaking the law, and will continue to 'bank near the river. I respect your post though.
  7. not trying to derail this thread, but you can highbank in california. you just can't discharge directly into a water course. I usually set up far enough away to allow the sediment to drop out before the water makes it's way back to the river. if I'm too close to the water to do that, I use a mortar tub to allow the discharge to settle.
  8. you don't need to classify when you're stream panning, save that for cleaning cons. like klunker said, use technique to clear the pan. if you are out mding, all you need is a pan clipped to your pack. the more panning you do, the better you get.
  9. gambler

    White's Shovel Offering

    awesome, I need a beard and veins on my arms. and I want them now!
  10. now I know how boris badanuv got his name