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January Gold From The Chesapeake Bay (15)

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1 hour ago, strick said:

Nice I need to get one of those pirate flags!..Thought you used to use a Jet Ski? or was that for the summer time 😀


The Ski I use for short hopes, around 2 miles. And if I'm going into a congested area. Anchoring the boats in the congested area's kind of alarm people for some reason, the ski they hardly notice....... The boat I use for distant beach's. I have 4 ramps I can launch from in the bay, ....in area's I hunt. Some of the spots can be up the rivers and over 8 miles distance. So those I use the boat...I feel safer.

Here is a jetski spot, very tight quarters..so the ski is perfect. Video from late last year.


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Wow Joe,

An impressive group of finds for the month. This time of year, you're certainly wearing the dry suit when on the jet ski - Have you thought about adding a CAPE to your outfit.?   😁  Something with your Pirate theme would look good. 

Best of luck for February - 


Rich -


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