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Advice For Detecting A Creek

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So I finally got a metal detector it's on its way the equinox 800. I also ordered the 6-inch coil. I'm going to post a picture of a specimen of gold my cousin found, he found it while working on a little creek that was known for gold back in the day. He found it without a metal detector just basically by chance looking down and picking up a piece of quartz off the bedrock. I know exactly where it is so I'm going to go to that spot. My question is should I literally just detect the whole Creek? There's also tailings piles on that Creek as well should I hit everything like a madman? 


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YES, but work the likely places first, where the bedrock is showing....


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Eventually rake down the tailing piles if small enough rock, and detect. Work any benches up on sides of creek and ravines feeding the creek.

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And let us all know where it is...:)

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Thanks guys! This coming weekend I'm heading there. I'm really excited because there's definitely gold there and I talked in depth with him and he told me exactly where he was so I'm pumped. I'm going to dig basically every target and the creek produced nuggets back in the day. It's that one creek by the green trees. 😂😂

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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Here are my last 2 gold finds with the NOX.  Was in Oregon over the 4th and as I always do I like to hunt areas most other have issues with, the old workings that has the iron trash.  These 2 finds are very different kinds of gold and pretty far apart, but yellow metal no less.  The large specimen is 3.96 ozt and the small nugget is 1.6 grams.
      Did anyone else get out for the 4th or recent hunts and add to their heavy metal collection?

    • By davsgold
      A short trip out to Tibooburra in far west NSW Australia,  we managed to get about 150 nano nuggets, for just over 12 grams, but hey it was fun and catching up with people we have meet over the years as well was great.
      The gold and some of the places along the way.
      10" and 12" spiral x-coils were used on the Zed

      Towns along the way

      A hill over looking Tibooburra in the distance

      Sturt Desert pea, grows in the outback desert areas 

      Cameron Corner this is where three states meet, NSW, SA and QLD

      cheers dave
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Largest Gold Find in Idaho for 2020, you tell me.

      As some of you who have been on DP for quite a many years, you know one of my focuses of chasing gold is in tailing piles.   My biggest finds have all been in tailing piles and I feel most folks just don’t have the patience to get skunked for hours and sometimes days or weeks.  But the rewards can be very gratifying for those who are dedicated and don’t mind a few “0” nugget days.  Well since I’ve been training customers for 25 yrs, I see some of them actually taking that next step.  Hats off to them as I know how hard they truly hunt.
      This particular customer is most certainly there at the Advance Level.  He has found some amazing pieces of gold in years past with every gold detector he purchased from me.  But to pull off this one only took his 3rd trip out with a 3 week old Equinox 800.

      Total weight of this beauty is over a pound coming in at 14.68 ounce troy.  Specific gravity shows right at 3.6 ounces of heavy thick creamy rich yellow metal.  I swear this year has been fantastic for my customers and I can’t even hardly keep up with their finds. 

      If anyone has seen a bigger piece of gold come from Idaho this year with a detector please let us know.  Heck, I’d just as soon be happy with anyone showing us some Idaho gold.

      So my question to everyone is this:  Would you rather find a bunch of smaller nuggets or a single big rock “Idaho Golden Delicious”.   Do you feel this piece is worthy of a museum and how would one go about getting it into an Idaho museum without outright donating it?  Has anyone been through the process?


    • By geof_junk
    • By devilsrenegade
      Now that the river level is starting to drop, I have been panning some flood gold. This gold came from 10 gallons of classified material. It was panned with a Garrett Super sluice pan. The flakes are so thin they will float on water. Hope you enjoy, it was nice to be outside and getting some gold.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Last week I was training customers at Rye Patch so I missed out on the White's closing and all the comments, but I did make a little contribution (well deserved) in the White's Forum on DP. 
      When I returned I was overwhelmed with many emails, texts and pics of my customers recent finds. One thing about the CV-19 is it allows you to get outside and away from others.
      Also, what was interesting to me is the different kinds of gold and the states they came from.
      Here are some pictures of my customers Success, the detectors they used and the states they recently found their gold.  Hats off to you all for allowing me to share your success.
      This very interesting and highly collectible specimen piece was found in Idaho with an Equinox 800 (dang, how did I miss that one?)  Notice that is the stock 11" coil.

      The next 2 pics were found in NV with the NOX and stock 11" coil

      2 pics below of the same gold and were found in MT with EQ-800 and small 6" coil.

      Nice solid pieces.
      Then there is my customer in AZ with his GPZ-7000.  He has been doing really well this year with over a half pound.  The 3 pics are from 3 half day hunts in a row.  He ended up with about a half oz of gold.  He has a buddy come to visit and says I found some right here, why don't you head over there. 
      The 3+ ouncer below was found by his buddy who came to visit.  Ouch, that must be one heck of a friend. 

      Notice all those nuggets are pretty rough and have not traveled that far.  AZ still has good gold, just need to get a little farther away from the trails.
      Last is gold from a state most of us to not get to see.  Wyoming is not known for gold nuggets, but I do have a few customers who do pretty well.
      These pieces of gold are very solid and look to be hammered almost.  I'm no geologist but think maybe from glacial?

      I also noticed the dirt coloration is different than most places I hunt and find gold  , but I don't hunt WY, yet anyway.
      Part of the reason I enjoy gold is the natural and unique characters each piece and area provide.
      Heck, there is a really ornate specimen, some nice jeweler nuggets and some really cool collector rocks with gold.  Even the big 3 ounce chunk is quite interesting as the source must be pretty close.
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