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I'm starting a new thread (for an obvious reason -- change of topic), triggered by the following post:


My question is specifically about this spinoff/version of the show.  It's evolved into two related, semi-cooperative crews dredging McKinley Creek near the Northern end of the Alaska Panhandle.  If somebody wants to bring up Todd Hoffman (oops, I just did), etc., well that's not what I'm hoping to read about.  But it's a free world.

I'm hoping some experienced dredgers will objectively critique.


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 As I recently stated in another post, I have zero experience in natural gold recovery! I don't know if that makes me totally objective!  But being retired from a 30 year Public Safety career, the risk/reward aspect of what they showed was horrendous! Knowing that these shows are heavily edited to keep the average viewer interested, and is a goal of any reality TV show! But the safety issues I saw were hard to watch; but watch I did! I am amazed no one was seriously injured or killed!

   I give some credit to the knowledge of the individuals involved! But life is more valuable than gold in any form! And I think they realized this, late in the game!  JMO!


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  "Live To Hunt Another Day"!!👌

   "No Guts, And No Glory, Because You (Almost) Rode Your Floating Sluce Over A Waterfall, And Got Smashed To Jelly"!!😱 👍👍

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