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Just back from Colorado and have enough experience with the deteknix W3 Lite model to relate my impressions.  Keep in mind I'm just a buyer/user with limited (compared to many of you) experience.  Since getting home I noticed they've added two new models to their line:


They now offer large, what appear to be over-ear headphones (designated 'Pro' in their listing) to the on-ear (now designated 'Lite') models that have been available for several months.  Just to summarize, the six models are W6 Pro (6 mm plug with large headphones) WA Pro (Garrett waterproof connector w/large hp's), W3 Lite (3 mm plug, small hp's) W6 lite (same as previous except 6 mm plug) WA lite (same as previous except Garrett connector) and WR lite (3 mm male for transmitter connection, 6 mm female for receiver to headphone connection).

I have the W3 Lite model for which I paid a bit under $90.

My model actually came with a 1/4 in (6 mm) male to 1/8 in (3 mm) female adapter/connector. I'm going to break this review into two parts since that seems to be appropriate given the two approaches -- you supply the headphones vs. they supply.

1) General usage:  Obviously these are wireless headphones and as such represent that technology/ergonomics to the user.  This is why I got them (hate dragging my detector around when it is tethered to my head!).  They certainly accomplish that goal.  I've been as far away as 10 meters (> 30 ft) from my detector without loss of signal.  The transmitter (about the size of two matchboxes oriented end-to-end) is connected to your detector by (default) a custom rubber band which is actually an O-ring.  This is OK, but "in the wilds" where you're bumping into rocks, trees, etc. it can come loose.  I recommend velcro attachment -- an 'aftermarket' mod which looks pretty easy based on a YouTube video I've seen.  (Quite a few YouTube video reviews of these, BTW.)  I'll be making this mod with mine soon.

As far as lost connections, my experience over an integrated 15+ hours of use is that it isn't a problem.  I noticed what appeared to be a skip in T/R maybe four times, all within about 2 hours, and each lasting less than 1 sec.  It is possible my plugs (I was using a 1/4 male to 1/8 male adapter which came with my unit so total of 2 connections) weren't completely inserted during that session.  Even if this were to be systematic issue (which I doubt), I can't see how it could be an issue given its infrequency.  BTW, I mostly use mine in all metal mode with a constant audio sound above threshold.  But when I did run my detector in silent discriminate mode they never shut down (power saving?) as I've read that some other brands of headphones have done.

Battery life:  The longest time I used these without recharging was ~6 1/2 hours and they didn't run out of juice, so I don't know the limit.  Each component has an LED which shines when the unit is on.  If I'm taking a long break (e.g. lunch) I turn both off to save the batteries.  It took about two hours to recharge after that session from my laptop computer -- that was the headphone/receiver recharge time.  The transmitter recharged in less than 1/2 hour.  Regarding recharging, the unit comes with two DIFFERENT cables.  Both have the 'standard' USB (12 mm X 4.5 mm) connectors at one end for plugging into your computer or automobile console (for newer model vehicles) but different micro-USB connectors for the transmitter and headphone (receiver within) connections.  The purchased package does not include an AC wall socket to microUSB assembly like you typically get with cellphones, but I'm sure you can find/buy these.  The two microUSB standards here are common as I have cellphones (current and past) which use these connectors.

2) Choice of headphones:   As mentioned, I have the 'Lite' on-ear version which I'll review below.  However, if you have a set of headphones (or more :) which you really like then I would suggest the WR model where you can put the receiver on your person and have the chord attaching there.  You are still detached from your detector.  And I have no idea how the new 'Pro' headphone models from deteknix perform.  (From their website it looks like the retail cost net difference between Lite and Pro is $60.)  Hopefully there will soon be or already are reviews online somewhere of these.

3) 'Lite' on-ear headphone performance:  Basically these look like not-so-expensive music audio headphones you might see teenagers (or old farts, for that matter) wearing walking down the street.  They even have what appear to be pause/play and fast-forward/rewind buttons on them which, AFAIK, have no use when used with a metal detector.  The on/off and volume controls on the headphones do work with MD's.  These are almost completely plastic (there is a steel band running through the overhead structure) which probably makes them susceptible to breakage for hard-core detectorists, especially in hot desert environments.  They are small enough to fit under my full rim flyfishing hat.  However, I tried putting them over a baseball cap and then I wished the extension arms would have gone out a bit more.  (I don't think I have an unusually large head, well, not literally but maybe figuratively... :).  Regarding sound quality, I found them quite usable/agreeable.  I never got into extremely noisy environments (e.g. heavy auto traffic or raging/rushing water) but they did fine in the wind.  Again I expect these perform similar to typical on-ear headpones.  As far as comfort goes, I didn't notice them over the four hours of my longest non-stop session, so for me, no problems there.

Overall I'm pleased with my purchase.  I realize there are other options, but AFAI can tell those are more expensive (in some cases much more expensive), and for my demands/requirements these fit-the-bill at an affordable price.


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I have lite version and also work for me. But sound quality isn't top. For ordinary usage is ok, but components should be a little better in my opinion.

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I use the 'lite' versions as well,have used them on my DFX,T2,TDI Pro and the Nexus,all work in my opinion very good,cannot notice any form of signal lag,they work as they should do and like the opening poster i have used them for 5-6 hours without any problems with either dropping a signal or battery life issues either.

Have had mine since christmas and no issues after 6 months,only thing i am not keen on and this basically only applies to these up till the new year,the latest ones have both the small usb connections to charge them on the transmitter and headphones,on mine they have the usb charging port on the headphones but in my opinion a horrible magnetic charge connector,it works but you do have to take extra care when locating the connectors together as you can think a connection has been done but infact its not charging.

As long as you check that the light is on the control when starting the charge then you wont have any problems with them,i always carry a 'Battery bank' that i bought from Amazon nd you can get them from Ebay as well,this i always carry with me because i can charge my Deus up and also phones and any other usb charging item as well including both the Deteknix unit,so you dont run out when you are out all day detecting.

These headphone units 'do' get my vote,they do have small niggles like most after market detecting accessories,but they do work,not in the same league say in quality etc as factory made items,but then again they are not in the same league cost wise as say the Deus headphones.

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I have gone to the office since it is local to me and tried on the over the ear model.  Those are very comfortable but I am not using them in the field yet.  I will want to use them with the 2300.  I don't know how to use them with the 7000 or 3030 which is already wireless.

They are trying hard to find a niche and I'll encourage them to meet more of the local detectorists and learn from us.

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Mitchel, I can understand wanting wireless for the 2300....

why would you want to use this system with the 3030 or 7000, you can plug any headphone you already have into your wm 10 or 12...it is your money Mr luckiest Man Alive but????


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That is what I tried to say Fred ... don't need it for 3030 and 7000 but those headphones fit OVER my ears.  

I want to check with them and see if I can use them or another product with a regular adapter.  Their transmitter is dongled onto your detector and the headphones don't have a plug.  

I need to plug some of their headphones into the 10 or 12 as you say.


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Ha, ha Mitchel...maybe you should get your ears bobbed....

i have a large head and big ears, have you tried the Gold pros?

I rarely use regular phones except at the beach where nothing else will do...

have a fun trip!


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Ok I have another minus of Deteknix wireless headphones... mono. No stereo only one channel. This set doesn't work with stereo mixed mode machines... like Spectra or Nautilus...

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4 hours ago, Shelton said:

No stereo only one channel. This set doesn't work with stereo mixed mode machines... like Spectra or Nautilus...

Hmmm.   I have both the W3 (headphones) and WR (Transmitter & Receiver with 1/4 in. jack so you can plug in your own headphones) and both work in true stereo mode when hooked up to my hifi (music).  So why they don't work in stereo mode on your detectors leaves me scratching my head.  I've used the W3 with all three of my detectors, but the WR model with only the Minelab X-Terra 705, so far.

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But I can be wrong... I was think that transmitter is mono... because I was check at this moment only Garrett Z-Lynk and this works mono with my stereo Nautilus... 

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      This is a good solution for people who want to hunt in the water but do not need to put their head in the water, and so who do not need the waterproof headphones. The cable also mates directly to the WM08 module for those who wish to use it for that purpose.
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