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Depar Dpr 600 - New Gold Detector By XP

Steve Herschbach

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Interesting - a dedicated gold machine by XP incorporating the new high frequency coil and marketed in Africa at a very low price, only $680 http://www.depardetector.com/product/depar/dpr-600/912/511

Note 9/14/2018 - It took almost two years but it appears the Depar DPR 600 is finally coming to countries other than Africa - announcing the new XP ORX!

Depar DPR 600 gold nugget detector by XP

It certainly raises some questions. The first being, will we be able to buy this machine from XP dealers, or is it some sort of special deal for Depar? Personally I would be irritated by that were it to prove to be the case. I think many people here would rather buy this machine at a far lower price than buying a full blown DEUS and then having to pay even more to get the high frequency coil as an accessory.

The video gives an idea how the high frequency coils may act. The elliptical version of the coil is said to operate at 20, 40, and 80 kHz! (See video). Is this what we will see in the high frequency elliptical for the DEUS? The round HF coil is said to operate at 15, 30, and 60 (56) kHz which is in line with what has been previously advertised.

Depar DPR 600 Owner's Manual




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That will not happen Chuck. This is a variant being marketed in Africa and frankly that was the goal of the project the whole time in my opinion. The Deus add on coils and update are just a side show. The real money is in Africa.

I really do hope they make this model directly available outside Africa. If not XP would have some explaining to do to prospectors elsewhere in the world.

Note 9/14/2018 - It took almost two years but it appears the Depar DPR 600 is finally coming to countries other than Africa - announcing the new XP ORX!

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Well what I see on the KHz it will run on is about the same they were going to offer on the V4 update for the XP Deus.

I wish someone in the know will please come on here and tell it like it is.

To me I'd be better off if I could update what I got now being the V4 would have been free. Then all I'd have to do is buy the smaller coil. The coil they show on the video is a 9 or 11 inch coil and you still may have to buy a smaller coil .


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The odd thing if you go to the site that Steve posted they got in big letters BUY NOW.. Right now I don't think I need are want one but I still like to see if I could buy it.

Sometimes it's best to not bite off more than you can chew.Lord knows I've done that more than I want to say.


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Since leaving the company I'm a bit out of touch.

But. remembering the question always asked by consumers: "why are they cheaper in the USA?", I can't help but thinking something is really strange if this new unit can be bought for USD$680.00 which is equal to GBP£540.00 and  EUR€624.00 

While a New one in the UK w/9" coil, remote, small headphones and NONE of the other accessories being supplied will set you back USD$1734.00 or GBP£1378.00

After all, it's the SAME device albeit with different colored plastics and software.

And...money is still being made by the manufacturer AND the supplier!!!

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It drives home the point how arbitrary and over inflated detector prices are. some companies are worse then others with this.

The manufacturers read forums, they know exactly what people are willing to pay. 

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