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Crevicing For Gold Another Day Another Crevice

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Tag along as Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) head to the Hills in search of Golden Crevice's 

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy the video's 




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Thanks, Jeff.  Always enjoy your videos.

What coil was on Gary's TDI?

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    • By idahogold
      Zed Owners have seen this one I'm sure" But what a Great Lesson 4 All! Thanks 😅 JP! Enjoy! Ig
    • By phrunt
      Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best 🙂
      This guy did well with his Euroace, quite new to detecting but shows how to use the unit for other beginners, The Euroace is the European version of the Ace 350.  Plenty of live digs.
      He filmed this video just before Christmas, unfortunately not long after his car was broken into and his Euroace stolen 😞
      I like my Euroace, it's simple to use and a remarkably deep machine, great for coins, bangs hard on the silvers.  A great value detector and an aftermarket coil like the Nel Tornado which I have really makes a difference over the stock coil.
    • By 67GTA
      This made me laugh. Went through the same detector break up myself.
    • By Hard Prospector
      Anyone have any insight on this new machine from Nokta? Saw it advertised on a internet discount detector sales site (guess.....yep that's the one), kind of looks like a "futuristic GB2". Man this company never sleeps.
    • By idahogold
      Quick Trip! Enjoy! 😏 Ig
    • By PG-Prospecting
      Finally got around to finishing a video of Dredging In Virginia back in the Spring of 2018.  Got two nice little nuggets, picked one off of bedrock but the larger one snuck by me and was found in the box.  Let me know what you guys think, and would love to hear any advice, as im always learning.  And as always Thumbs up for GOLD!!