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Deus 2 For Gold Prospecting Software Version 2.0

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XP have "fixed" Deus 2's FMF simultaneous multi frequency Goldfield mode in software version 2.0 so that it is much more sensitive to sub gram targets than it was using previous software versions. The testing that I have done so far confirms this. Deus 2's simultaneous multi frequency Goldfield mode using the 9" coil is now just as sensitive as Deus 2's Mono mode set a 40 kHz and Deus 1 and the ORX set on their Gold modes using the 9" HF coil on small sub gram targets. Deus 1 and the ORX using the HF elliptical coil might be slightly more sensitive to really small sub 0.1 gram targets but not by much. Deus 2's FMF Goldfield should handle difficult ground conditions even better than Deus 2 Mono, Deus 1 and the ORX.

If XP can come up with a smaller than 9" round land based only coil for Deus 2, fantastic.

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It's good to see, and great that it's another company that listened to end users of their complaints and resolved them.

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Frequency is the key. I hope that we will se械 real HF coils for聽Deus 2.

Precise algorithms and freqs up to 100 kHz will make the device one of the best on the market. Despite the fact that it will remain the same easy and convenient in everyday hours-long search.

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