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X-Terra 705 Beach Finds 06-05-18

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After i finished work late because of very warm weather getting the crowds out and onto the beach i took my Nox and Terra to the beach . I was thinking work the tide out with the Nox then do the dry tops with the 705 which is better for that , is ! I got there at around 7.15pm , when i saw the beach it looked quite busy and the lower beach looked worth doing . I found within an hour that it wasn't so i got my Terra set up and as the crowds left as it started to get darker i started to find some fresh losses . Not as much as in the past but not bad and hopefully it will get better as the Summer comes.

I found a wallet , it had no money in it and only had 2 i.d. cards for clubs and a National Health card and a Visa card ( i sense a cloning could happen!) , i called the numbers on the clubs but had to leave a message . I could not find a Copper to hand it in too so i took it back to my Bus Depot and put it into lost property and left a message saying that . 

Anyway before that and upto around 11pm i had found £37.12p and a flashy Lighter which i have refilled with Gas . I didn't see anyone else detecting so i had all the beach to myself . I would go to the beach on monday and the weather is going to be warm again but i have an early start on Tuesday . I have other things to do on Wednesday including going to Hospital with Mum to get her a CT scan for her suspected lung Cancer so i think maybe Thursday will be my next day out .


32) £37.12p FOUND 06-05-18 XT.JPG

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My sister works in the hospital that our mum has been going to . she has looked at the computer and found mum has a 3 inch lump on her right lung. Maybe the CT scan will shed more light on it all.

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