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No Tracks Since The Upgrade - GPZ

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You are welcome. It's pretty basic functionality, but it works. Number one failing is the lack of import/export function to either Google Earth or Garmin formats. Once to either of those conversion to any format or system is easy. You can all trust I lobby for this as much as I can without being a real pest!

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13 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

 You can all trust I lobby for this as much as I can without being a real pest!

The squeaky wheel gets the oil. :biggrin:  You are a legend Steve. Thanks for all you do.

Best of luck out there

JW :smile:

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Guest Jennifer
40 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I really need to get part three done and posted. I am now procrastinating however waiting to see if the upgrade Minelab makes to XChange2 has things which would make my final post in the series obsolete before I post it.

Smart move as they're obviously going to have to redesign the app to accomodate the new features in this update. Going to the GPZ 7000 settings icon in the app clearly shows no selections for Ground Smoothing etc, makes sense now why the delay.


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I will have to check the settings...I don't remember what I did when the thing was new...it just worked.

So,  I will do some homework...some problems are always because I am me...oh, well!


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Ok, so I am an idiot...

my life and sojourn in the world would be sooooo much easier if I only had a brain.

Steve, feel free to slap me when we meet again...however, not too hard.

Thank you all for herding me back on the correct path to happy hunting...all I had to do was pay a little more attention to the icons and the manual!


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    • By Skate
      Anyone use this? I've read mixed reports on it in terms of android/apple and that it is out and being used and that it's currently not available for use. This would be a huge assist/help to me in hunting the areas I currently have permission for. I never quite figured out the GPS on my CTX and am hopeful my iphone can be integrated into my detecting. 
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      Maybe a new thread if you have the time JP.  "How to target large, deep gold with the GPZ?"  Is it your conservative settings or something different again?  How does the audio differ, etc? 
      There are bits and pieces (linked below) that maybe all add up to an answer but if there are any other secrets you want to add JP,  I'll listen 
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       I have been painfully considering a purchase of a 7000.  Seeing the gold a friends 7000 is getting that seems to be out of reach of a 5000 is giving me reason for this consideration.  However with the areas I used to have access to that facilitates the use of the large coils are being lost due to development and I would have little or no areas to go that there would be a benefit to the large coils.  If Minelab would make a small coil like the 11 inch diameter that is stock with all the other models up to the 7000 it would justify a purchased.  I wonder if it’s the technology in the electronics that will not work with a small coil.
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      Seeing some barely-used gpz 7000's coming across the auction block.  
      Weren't there early ones that had issues?
      If so how were these issues resolved?
      How can you tell if the unit on the auction block is not one of these?
      Having not owned one yet I'm a little behind and appreciate any feedback.   
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      Hello Johnathan the GPZ 7000 has been out for a while now, is there any plans to do a DVD. I could see how a soft ware upgrade could potentially make it harder to give any advice on settings as upgrades come along. Or is the whole thing a big head ache.
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      Hi all  does anybody ground balance there machine as per instructions then leave the machine on the ground with ferrite under the plate ?
      I did this while i was getting the rest of my gear ready and it really made it quieter , in very  hot ground.
      The machine was sitting there for about 5 to 8 min approximately.