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You are welcome. It's pretty basic functionality, but it works. Number one failing is the lack of import/export function to either Google Earth or Garmin formats. Once to either of those conversion to any format or system is easy. You can all trust I lobby for this as much as I can without being a real pest!

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13 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

 You can all trust I lobby for this as much as I can without being a real pest!

The squeaky wheel gets the oil. :biggrin:  You are a legend Steve. Thanks for all you do.

Best of luck out there

JW :smile:

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40 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I really need to get part three done and posted. I am now procrastinating however waiting to see if the upgrade Minelab makes to XChange2 has things which would make my final post in the series obsolete before I post it.

Smart move as they're obviously going to have to redesign the app to accomodate the new features in this update. Going to the GPZ 7000 settings icon in the app clearly shows no selections for Ground Smoothing etc, makes sense now why the delay.


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I will have to check the settings...I don't remember what I did when the thing was new...it just worked.

So,  I will do some homework...some problems are always because I am me...oh, well!


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Ok, so I am an idiot...

my life and sojourn in the world would be sooooo much easier if I only had a brain.

Steve, feel free to slap me when we meet again...however, not too hard.

Thank you all for herding me back on the correct path to happy hunting...all I had to do was pay a little more attention to the icons and the manual!


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    • By jasong
      Does anyone have a vid link to a nugget going low-high (filmed after the update only) that shows how deep it was and how big the nugget was?
      On nuggets up to 40 grams I still cannot get a low-high signal with just one exception and that is squirrly little wiry or thin flaky pieces that flip between high-low and low-high, and with some regular pieces when they get really close to the coil they will flip between the two as well. 
      I had a 65 gram slug of solid smelted gold and it was going high-low on the GPZ. It was low-high on my 45 though.
      What I'd really like to see are the types of gold that are low-high from beginning to end, no matter how far from the coil. If anyone has some links or has such a nugget and could toss it on the ground and film it I would be very grateful.
      One reason I'm wondering (ok, don your tinfoil hats) is low-high is so often iron now that I can't help but wonder if discrim might be possible with ZVT tech and there may be some kind of "discrimination update" coming in the future.
      Also, bonus question: can anyone show me a case where General is outperforming High Yield in depth and sensitivity and what exactly the type of gold (weight/sponginess/etc) is that causes such a thing to occur? Or ground type if that is causing the difference. We see it on the ML chart (or it would appear that way but we don't know for certain due to omission of actual sample defintion), but I haven't found a case with my gold where it happens yet so I'm curious what to look out for or if I should just give up on going back with General after HY unless I have gold past a certain size threshold.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Hopefully this clarifies things for people!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      When Chris ralph and I were down in Phoenix I was fortunate that Chris lined up a dinner with Barry and Leigh, the brilliant couple behind the new non-profit educational organization, Land Matters. The website at http://www.mylandmatters.org/ is your constantly expanding source of land related information, including:
      Library - A Library full of free maps, guides, books, tutorials and reference materials.
      Maps - Interactive maps for your area of interest. More being added every week.
      Articles - Factual articles written by those in the know. Information that you can rely on.
      Resources - Links and contacts to other communities of knowledge.
      Outreach - Programs that engage the community directly. Seminars, outings, trainings etc.
      I am far from done checking it all out myself, but this looks like something we should all consider getting on board with and supporting if possible. Check it out. I have added this banner to the rotating collection in the upper left corner:

      and added them to my links list
      Barry and Leigh, very nice meeting you, and keep up the great work!
      Here is a link to the new interactive land management status map http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/Management/GetMap

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Last fall I ordered the North Fork American River edition of the FootPrints mapping software produced by Miner Diggins at http://www.minerdiggins.com/ I am far from expert with the software, but my stock in trade is research and I immediately saw the value in this series. In theory it is information I could find on my own for "free" but my time is valuable. Any shortcuts I can take when getting the information I need to go prospecting I am more than willing to invest in. I just ordered the Middle Fork American River, Gold Basin, North Bradshaws, East Bradshaws, and Black Canyon editions, all for less than the cost of a Minelab coil.

      The most valuable part for me is the current mining claims mapped to more than section level accuracy, which is all you get with other software. Not knocking the other guys - I subscribe to them also. There is a lot of additional value in geologic and historical map overlays. All in all, an excellent product well worth the investment.

      Now if Clay and Ruby can just get those other California editions completed and available, the sooner the better, I will add to my collection. Great stuff - I just love maps!

    • By Rick Kempf
      This looks interesting. An app for Android devices for tracking your detecting and recording finds. The possibilities for prospecting are really huge.
      Here's a post regarding the app.
      Here's a link to the Android Play Store for the app.
      The IOS version is a Kickstarter Project and I went ahead and pledged $5 hoping he gets it done - cause I don't have an Android phone.
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I have done a goggle search on this & have come up with nothing. I thought I saw an article on here about it but a search showed nothing here either.  I thought there might have been something printed on the box to help out.....but no.  Is there any thing I need to know or is it all pretty easy really? Thanks for any help or advise.