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Mike Hillis

Lobo Super Trac.....a Technical Question For A Project

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Hi All,

Working on home LCD VDI project with my GSII that I hope to be able to put on the Lobo St.   However I can't tell if the Lobo ST has the same chip.   I found a schematic for the original Lobo that shows that it does have one but I can't find anything clear on the Lob ST that would show me for sure.

Could someone who owns a Lobo ST, when you have time, look at the board and specifically look for this chip...an LM358.   Could also be a LM358N,   It would even be helpful if you could take a picture and just reply to the this post.

I found a couple of pictures on the web of the Lobo St circuit board but the resolution isn't good enough to read the labels on all the chips.

This is what it looks like on my GS1I

Appreciate it.



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Hey Mike, your might shoot Keith Southern a PM.  I know he's been inside the Lobo and I think he's still got one.


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I used to have several but all been sold off so no go for me on this one. Great little machines.

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I think there is a minimum of 3 different chip and board version on the lobo .......




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