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Attached is trade mark application for GPX 6000 - as i have previously mentioned we have had sightings of unidentified Minelab Detector in Adelaide Hills (South Australia) with rumours that it is a new gold detector between the 5000 and 7000. Which makes sense from a marketing point of view - you keep the flagship GPZ 7000 but give the punters a better GPX 5000. So looks like its the GPX 6000 - time will tell whether it turns out to be a giant leap forward like the Equinox or just a slightly improved GPX 5000.


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Just stuff a GPX in a fully waterproof Equinox housing for under a grand and I’ll be fine. 

For me, it has to have performance greater than the 5000. I couldn't care less about batteries, leads, speakers or screens. Performance is the only reason ill upgrade a detector. If its better ill buy

Attached is trade mark application for GPX 6000 - as i have previously mentioned we have had sightings of unidentified Minelab Detector in Adelaide Hills (South Australia) with rumours that it is a ne

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Let's hope they've incorporated the battery into it so you don't have to wear it on your butt.

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Im sure everyone will have their wish list of what they want from the new machine.

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A share market analyst reviewing Codan (Minelab parent company) in June  has the GPX 6000 (he mentions it by name) launching in September 2020 with a price tag of $8000AUD in Australia -  so you would have the GPZ selling for $10,000AUD, GPX 6000 for $8000AUD and the GPX5000 for $6000.  Also mentions the "capabilities" are different to the GPZ 7000 so that GPZ sales should not be significantly affected by the new model.

I was in Codan/Minelab head office today in Adelaide to pick up a repair - had a bit of a snoop around in the front displays for any promo materials on the 6000 but had no luck.

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Sounds like a PI to me, and I expect it will be in a more CTX/GPZ style housing with a screen and wireless audio with the battery mounted in the detector rather than on your butt.  Hopefully they were wise enough to incorporate a speaker into the unit.   That's what I am expecting so hopefully they've made it a bit lighter.  PI's are a long way from dead, ZVT isn't a replacement.  The big question is will they let normal GPX coils work on it or will they be some chipped monstrosity's just for that model.  That could be the difference between if it sinks or swims in my opinion!

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So being a GPX... I hope that means compatible with existing coils. And not some “new coils, that only we make, and hardly any of them” type situation that Minelab is becoming famous for.

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20 hours ago, phrunt said:

Let's hope they've incorporated the battery into it so you don't have to wear it on your butt.

Oh yeah!! I remember the days getting tangled up in scrub oak with all kinds of cables wrapped around the branches. Even had to take the battery and harness off to get out of the bushes. Lost a few coil covers that way too. LOL

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Well, someone in 'marketing' has to have done something that said 'if you build it they will come' sort of analysis.  You don't go over your top detector and you stay ahead of your best GPX.  That is a price point analysis but what will it do to make it worth it to gold detectorists around the world?  What is the potential number of buyers/how deep or shallow is the market?

The engineering analysis would say you could add a lot of features from their bag of tricks.  How much of it is ready for prime time?

Gold is harder to find now than when both of the other models came out.  Both of those models are 'heavy' so they should make it lighter.  Circuits and boards and the phone style displays are the rage.  Update-able is necessary.  Will they keep or discard a GPS?

I have a 5000 and a 7000.  I don't plan on selling either one any time soon so what would make me buy a 6000?

I say that it is a gold PI machine but also more adaptable to relic hunters also.  They need to sell a few of these things to Equinox owners who want more depth. 

What if they make it waterproof?  A 6000 for the beach?

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