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Great Hunt! I love tokens. I'd rather find tokens than coins most always. The Jug is a beauty also. 

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Great tokens!  Is the jug undamaged?  Does it have a maker's mark?

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Better go get your "mead" from from the Coal store before they run out.  :laugh:


Nice saves, as usual.

Some info on Mead Coal Co. "scrip" here.  Apparently a WV Coal company (makes sense) but wonder what a story it could tell about how it found its way to the Carolinas.


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1 hour ago, calabash digger said:

It is broke and cant find a makers mark on it. Thanks!

Unfortunate that it's broken.  Although the more generic (still old) ones in decent shape are worth in the $10-$20 region (I'm saying this for memory -- haven't been antiquing since I got back into detecting in 2015), some rare collectible makers' wares, if in good condition can bring way more.  Best is if they have the blue stenciled lettering on the side -- those are super collectible (and thus valuable).  But even without, there are some potters whose works demand high premiums.

"Condition, condition, condition..."  You just can't overcome that.

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