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Improving The Blisstool V5

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By nature I like to improve things for the better. I took a real liking to the Bliss V5 but, it needed something.

Decided to replace the scratchy GB pots. Fine adjust pot is bad between 3 and 7, worn carbon wiper inside. Replacing with RV6 precision mini pots.
I was going to use a 10 turn for Coarse pot. That idea was shelved as they don't make them in the 500R ohm range. Both pots will be single turn.

What I clued in on awhile back and then saw some one mention on a forum regarding the Gain pot. For the most part you don't need to set it higher than 2. And would like the 0-2 or 3 range spread out further. That was my thought as well. So I will be replacing the linear pot with an audio taper pot. It spreads out the range over half the pot rotation, super fine tunes the lower numbers. I will be measuring out the spread between the linear and audio pots to see the exact spread.

The V5 is now open and taken apart. Will have it ready this weekend.

Will also see if there are any other improvements that can be made....

I did make a very positive s-handle mod. The angle of the handle was a bit too steep, it would tend to bother my bad wrist after awhile. Not enough so I could not keep detecting.
The most comfortable s-handle I found was the White's Space Saver (What they call it). Which I have used for all my Pi builds. With a bit of muscle power, bent the Blisstool s-handle to match. This little mod, that didn't cost a penny made a huge difference. Search coil 7x9", balances just about perfect, and now has a wonderful feel about it.



Made the Coarse and Fine GB pot changes to precision pots. Big difference. The usual cheap carbon pots used like most detectors had poor resolution as you turn the control. I watched on the voltmeter, when you rotate the Blisstool pot, a slight movement jumps the settings about 10 points, you you will never get precise GB setting. That's why trying to GB is very touchy. With the new precision pots a slight rotational movement of 1 point increase in settings can be made. This should definitely help out manually ground balancing, getting a spot on GB.

Second change was the Gain control. I switched the Blisstool cheap pot with another basic carbon Alpha brand pot (Tesoro, etc. used them). Instead of replacing it with an identical "Linear' taper pot, it was replaced with an "Audio" taper pot. Since most will run around 2 or 3 on the dial. The rest of the rotation is wasteful. With the new pot orig Gain setting from 0-3 is now spread across 0-6. You can now dial in more precise Gain where you need it. Then ramps up closer to the orig. pot. Also shows a bit more added Gain at 10(max).

Thinking some of the other controls might benefit from switching to a precision pot or an Audio Taper pot. For those that have a Bliss in the closet gathering dust, some easy modes might just make the Bliss owner a more happy user.

Hoping to get out with the V5 Sunday afternoon for a test run




POT Gain.png

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Sven,outstanding  information,although i dont own a Bliss i do own a very similar machine the Nexus MP which although amazing depth i feel the manual GB could be much easier when adjusting,i feel the GB although for sure is the best way to gain maximum depth out of these machines can be very hit and miss and this single problem i feel makes folks want to sell them very quickly.

Its a possibility that although i have mastered setting the Nexus MP up as i have had it a fair few years it could be more enjoyable and used more apart from really deep relic/hoard hunting of which they are famed for..The Nexus i feel may not be as complicated as the Bliss for setting up but i am certainly going down the route of looking into changing some of the pots especially the GB one,its a high precision 10 turn lockable pot but what how high a quality the actual pot is debatable.

The shaft setup on the Bliss uses the same in my mind el-cheapo shaft that is used on my original rare Crossbow PI and that went in the bin as i use a lighter carbon fibre one these days.

Will be following this project.

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I use to sample pots for health issues only. Nice job.


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6 hours ago, George Kinsey said:

I use to sample pots for health issues only. Nice job.


I don't doubt that you did.....🤣


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Very informative V5 pot post Sven,  

Definitely a post to save for future information,  appreciate you taking the time to share. Very informative, Blisstool V5 will serve you well.

Although I’m not running a V5 anymore, switched to a V6 when they were released. Been very fortunate,  my pots on my V6 are still clean and so far no wear very responsive. I suppose someday will probably need to change them,  currently use a cover keeping dust away from them.

Here in my area, it’s tough using Gain above 2 and if I go any higher it’s extremely hard to dial in the Course and Fine GB pots. Can increase Silencer,  but not too much I don’t like fixing one problem and adding another to replace it so I don’t run above Gain 2 and use minimal Silencer. 

Blisstool V5 and V6 are probably the deepest non-metered VLF detectors on the Planet, they are a Beast no doubt.  

Good luck, and great informative post!



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This is for those in another thread https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/14912-blisstool-still-around/page/2/#comments

Who inquiring about how to do the mods.

This is Part 1 Ground Balance Mod


Next installment Part 2 will be the Gain Control Mod


And then I also have some easy set-up tips.

Bliss Mods Ground Balance Part 1.pdf

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