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15" Coil On The Equinox Strikes Again And Again

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Very nice hunting with a great outcome!

Good luck on your next outing.

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Cartier platinum. Excellent find  👍 

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Well done.  Lots of swings and time eventually pays off.


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  • stevejhgla changed the title to 15" Coil On The Equinox Strikes Again And Again

Nice going! Looks heavy and a big diamond.

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You will feel naked when you switch back to the standard coil!.


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10 hours ago, stevejhgla said:

  Here's another platinum ring with diamonds i got on my next outing!!

The diamond looks more valuable than the gold with it's cut. One doesn't find a heart shaped diamond very often.

Great find and once again good luck on your next hunt.

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    • By Dances With Doves
      My  friend who had one of  his worst   years  ever with his F75 finally took my advice and bought a Nox.He stopped by my house and showed me his gold ring which  topped out at 25.3 grams at 10k with a  weird design on  it's fat head.You can see it on  friendly metal detecting forum under eye popping finds and his name their Ramer.He might be a member here under relic ray but I don't know if he has posted anything yet.I have never seen a ring that heavy before found by a  metal detector around here.
    • By mn90403
      It is not often you hear a target on a wave breaking beach and you look down and you see a ring but that is what happened today.  I was working one of my normal beaches but today the wind was blowing offshore and the tide was ebbing with a relatively high low tide.  This ring was in a steep section and probably would not have been there after the next wave.  A trough is there and maybe worth a try when the tides become more defined.
      This is what it looked liked after it cleaned up.  After I scooped it I wished I had taken a picture but the little waves would have moved it and I may have lost it.  I didn't want to 'stage it' to show what it looked like when I fist saw it.

      These were the 'dirty' pictures.

      These are the total finds for the 3 hour session.

    • By relic ray
      I received my Equinox this past Saturday. Put it together did the update and took it for a walk in a park early Sunday afternoon. Within 10 minutes of turning it on I dug a massive gold ring. 10k 25.3 grams. UNBELIEVABLE! The internet says it's worth 630 dollars. Amazing. 2 thirds of the cost of the 800 was paid off in my 1st find. 
      Anyone know what those strange markings are on the ring?

    • By Againstmywill
      Was out to the local park on the football field. It just rained a couple days back, so the ground was moist. Usually these conditions mean that deep wheat pennies or silver is easier to get to. Today I hit a 33 in Park 1, recovery 4, 50 tone, and all metal. I thought there was a possibility of a silver quarter, but to my surprise there was a silver ring instead. Looks like it may be from the 1940s. It was resting on top of a clay layer under the sandy surface. I think there were 3 wheat pennies, but they are very crusted with sand.

    • By Againstmywill
      Out to some softball fields and surrounding grass patches for a few hours today. I was kind of cherry picking my way today because there were a lot of signals in the ground with the 15" on the Equinox running in Park 1, 7 recovery, 50 tones, and all metal. I was listening for high tones after I dug low numbers for the first half hour. There are many items in this ground that give over a 30 signal, so discernment is critical.
      The two aluminum tokens were not close to each other, but the dates are so close in time that it is uncanny.
      The ring is the heaviest silver that I have ever found. Its numbers alternated between 30-32. After thinking it was going to be a piece of flashing, it was a pleasant surprise! There is a screenshot of a ring with the same weight by the same maker on ebay right now.
      Lots of quarters and dimes today, one nickel, and mostly copper pennies.
      One more thing...it was cold. The weather today in Florida was in the 50's! No need to throw pennies my way northerners, just sharing my trials of life.🙂 

    • By cuniagau
      I would like to thank the donner of this 583 earring for my first AU find of 2021.  Beach find Jan 5.  The AQ hit it hard!!!

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