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im planning to actively hunt for jewelry over the next year. I have an equinox 600 and XP Orx. The Orx has 9” X35 and 9” hf coils. I wondering if anyone can  recommend settings / programs for jewelry hunting?  

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With the Orx I would use the 9" hf coil. Frequency 28-28.8 khz and 54 khz. The mode and sensitivity is up to you. Start with disc where foil is disc'ed out. That way you can see if there is any rings and if you get any rings try dropping your disc to 7 that disc's out nails. Then you can see if there is any small gold. I haven't had any gold or silver rings that id in the foil range.

With the Equinox I would start with Park 1, I would use 2 tone ( I know everybody like 50 tones ), I like Recovery 4 and Iron Mask F2 0. Tone break I set above foil. Don't dig foil till you get a ring then go thru with the 6" coil in Park 2 or Gold 1 or 2 and see if there is any small gold.

My hunting is in lakes and I dig everything above nails.

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The 2 combinations that i use are the Deus with the HF elliptical coil but the HF9'' coil is just as good,80khz using the Hot programme and the the XY screen,deadly on small gold and silver items which of course cover what you are looking for jewellery etc.

I also use the Nox with the 6'' coil in AM mode and field 1,either 2 or 5 tones but for me 50 tones gives me overload,although the Deus can give my ears a bashing i find it easier than 50 tones on the Nox.

The setup i would still pick up as i am leaving home would be the Deus using the HF coil,great target separation and the added bonus of that much higher 80khz which is absolutely ideal for small gold jewellery.

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    • By relicmeister
      Activity rather slow here so thought I’d ask about options and suggestions on detecting for jewelry with the Orx. May have asked about settings in jewelry hunting topic also. 
           I hunt woods mostly but want to start going places that have better chances of finding jewelry. 
    • By Zinc Penny
      So I'm debating trading my v3i towards a Equinox 800, or a Xp ORX, I am torn about it  because the v3i is a good machine just challenging to get setup Everytime I go to a new site, I occasionally hunt beaches so that's why I was considering the equinox to have a machine that could cover all my hunting grounds in one. And a orx because it intrigues me. I would like to hear your argument for and against the trades and tear into it. 
      In the end I'll make a decision I just want to hear what you guys think!
    • By Rick N. MI
      I used the:
      Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil Park 2, Sensitivity 23, 2 tone, Iron Bias f2 0, Recovery 4
      Xp Orx w/ 9" hf coil, 4 tone, Sensitivity 96, recovery 2
      Gold Kruzer 4x7.5 coil, Deep mode, Sensitivity 80
      I wanted to see how well these detectors did in no emi area at a low mineral sandy beach with a 0.89 gram 14k gold ring buried at a measured 9". I was very impressed with the results.
      The Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil and the XP Opx w/ 9" hf coil hit all the way around with the coil lifted 3"-4".
      The Gold Kruzer w/ 4x7.5 coil hit it one way w/ coil raised 2"-3". The other was a weak signal harder to get. I was happy with that. I didn't bring the 5x9.5 coil. I'm sure it would have done better.
      Over all I was happy with the results. The Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil did really good. Equal with the Xp Orx w/ 9" hf coil. The Xp Orx hit the ring very well at 31 khz and 54 khz.
    • By RobNC
      I know this is a dead horse on many fronts and is highly variable and dependent upon soil conditions, metal condition, etc. But I will once again try to gain some insight. So here goes!
      1) What ID range have you found gold rings to fall into on the ORX?(50-59 for instance)
      2) Is there a particular ID range that nothing but junk appears to huddle into? (0-45 for instance)
      I know it is difficult and a dodgy question of sorts but I've never found anything good below the 60's, as it mostly appears to be can slaw, iron, or foil fragments. Another zone of junk seems to be in the 70's.
    • By Kaolin washer
      i HAVE been using the Hot program in full tones, with the HF coil and 28khz , I have been amazed at how good it is at telling iron from non iron , and tells me more about the iron in the ground , like is it round iron flat iron  and really good at telling me how big the iron is . I took it to iron hill and its finding 22 slugs, shot shels, brass, right now i would have to say its my favorite,  i do check it with the deep , program. the deep seems like the Equnox to me  prone to false on cut nails. but so far the hot has been hot and good and hot
    • By bigtim1973
      I have been forcing my self to use my Deus more here lately. I am finding that I like the Deus very much. For the most part I am using Gold Maxx and deus fast. I have a custom deep program I use as well. 
      What I am getting at is i am not really using as many of the programs and settings. I fiddle between 2 for the most part and some times 3. And that is Deus fast and either gold Maxx or the deep Custom one I made. 
      I have been thinking of selling either my Deus remote set up and keeping the ORX or selling the ORX remote set up.
      I like the ORX for the large easy to see screen and iron probability bar. Plus I only fiddle with the coin programs anyway. 
      I  actually favor the ORX to tell you the truth.  
      They are slightly different animals. And each has their own strong points. But target and depth between the 2 are equal. 
      Who else has the same delima??
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