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1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

 ...we have a better chance of sorting out evidence from belief.....

It's kinda like crime investigation.  .....

GB-amateur, with all-due-respect, look closely at what you're saying.   In-lieu of  The current discussion of : Ghost-story camp-fire legends, vs something of merit.


Your fall-back here essentially hinges on "sorting fact from fiction" .  If I have correctly recapped with your quote from above.  Right ?


But this fails to take into account that NONE of the treasure stories EVER started with :  "Once upon a time....".  They are ALL built around actual names, dates , and events.    Why do you think Oak Island, Yamashita, Lost Dutchman, and Pearl ship are so fun to muse and dream about ?  Because they are built , let's say, on 95% "actual real names, dates, and events".  So you might say :  "All we need to do is sort fact from fiction".  Right ?  But this fails to realize that if the 5% of the story (the part about treasure) is nothing but embellished telephone game ghost story nonsense, then ... presto :  What does it matter that the other 95% is true ?   


There was a Manila galleon wreck site found along a remote stretch of Baja CA, back, I think, in the 1950s.   And , like yours, it had (gasp) wax globs and porcelain that had washed up on the beach.   Nothing of value was ever found there.  Yes some of the 2x per year @ 250 yrs did go unaccounted for and lost.   And even assuming some of those were on the west coast (versus the middle of the ocean), then:


A)  It's VERY difficult to ground yourself on shallow ground (ie.: the beach, like as in the Atocha story).  Since our Pacific coast beaches tend to drop off to insane depths, only a short distance off shore (think "Brother Jonathan", for example, which required a submarine to reach) .  So unlike the gulf-of-Mexico beaches, which invited shipwrecks to miscalculate, and wreck right on the beach, the CA shoreline is much different.


B)  The returning Manila galleons actually spotted land (the Pacific coast) MUCH FURTHER south than Oregon.  More like the channel Islands area of So. CA.  Yes it's true that a few sighted land as far north as San Francisco or Pt. Reyes, etc....    But by the time the route got established, they knew-enough to "cut off mileage" to start their curve southward, in such a way that they started following the coast MUCH further south along the CA coast.  Not Oregon latitude in the slightest.


C)  As said, they were not laden with any goodies that would be of interest to anyone other than archies.  Who might be giddy with joy over crockery shards and wax.   They had spent all their $ (gold and silver) in China/philippines , to buy their trade goods. 




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I'd be happy with a murky pic of an ocean bottom or some smudge on sonar showing a wreck. Still a nice story on the entertainment side, now that they put that out there they may have to do a show to prove/disprove it all. 🙂

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53 minutes ago, Tom_in_CA said:

5% of the story (the part about treasure) is nothing but embellished telephone game ghost story nonsense

I'm not particularly interested in debating this particular 'treasure' or any other specific treasure, and here's one reason why.  I don't place 100% confidence in anything.  You seem 100% confident from this quote which I now repeat with my emphasis: "...(the part about treasure) is nothing but embellished telephone game ghost story nonesense...".  Maybe your definition of 'nothing' is different than mine (or Webster's).  Apparently we 'play' by different rules which by its nature renders any debate/game/discussion an unfair exercise.

Even in this instance (the article Mitchel linked) you focus in on the prologue hype of gold/treasure chest.  I made a point that the article (at least the part I found interesting -- about 80% of it) is about research.  You never said you read the entire article, but I took it from what you did say that you didn't get past the prologue.  I did read the entire article, including the prologue, and criticized that part as sensationalism.  So we're talking past each other -- typical of these kinds of disagreements.  Is there evidence for 'treasure' of the kind that makes people rich -- significant precious metals and gemstones?  I didn't see it.  In fact the research which I continue to emphasize & commend includes an apparent discovery of the ship's manifest.  (Anyone interested can read the highlights of that in the article.)

I'm not here to convince you or anyone else that a particular treasure story (when we're talking about actual treasure stories) is true or not, and I don't think I've ever done that, at least in the years I've been posting to this site.  But I will defend myself (and any others if they want to ride along) that reading/watching these stories isn't a worthless (dogmatic word, like 'nothing' in some cases of the word's use) activity nor is it purely (dogmatism again) an appeasement of a fiction/fantasy human need.

I sometimes (although not always) read posts here with details of the use and techniques about the Minelab GPZ 7000.  I'm as likely to own one of those as I am to search for (let alone find) one of the ultra-famous treasures you mention.  But I learn some things about detecting which may at some point help me with another detector or treasure search.  (OMG, there's that word -- 'treasure'.)  Almost always when I watch these kinds of shows (and there are many non-treasure shows which fall under a similar umbrella) I learn something about good (and more often, bad) investigative techniques, pitfalls in reasoning, and human psychology.  After watching/reading one of these am I 100% convinced either way as to the existence/veracity of the primary subject?  (I think I answered that in the first paragraph.)  Sometimes I delve deeper and sometimes I'm just satisfied with the lessons I've learned.

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      The other day I was detecting on of the many beaches in Santa Monica Bay.  Just like all other beaches of the world there are some unique features about it that we all learn.  I was thinking about how much sand has been added since a swell event I detected about 6 months ago.  I can see where that cut was and I see where the new beach line is and it is 25-30 feet in many places.  Our wave pattern with the La Nina has sanded things in.  We have earthquakes which raise our plate.  How about your beaches from the old days?
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      When metal detecting, whether you are gold prospecting, relic hunting, or water hunting; it is easy to get discouraged. However, it’s important to know that you can better your results in metal detecting if you explore some of these best practices. I prefer to call it Smart Hunting!
      Find a Metal Detecting Location with Google Earth
      Use Google Earth to search your local area for new potential spots. Start off by branching out from where you live. Sometimes there are fields hidden in woods that you can’t see from a major street or road. Keep your eye out for clear stretches of land. You should be able to see the difference between a forest and a field.
      Organize Your Metal Detecting Leads
      If you see something that piques your interest, drop a pin. You can also make separate folders to organize your leads. Just make sure your privacy settings are enabled! You do not want to share your new potential locations right away!
      You can grab the Latitude and Longitude aka coordinates, from Google Maps. Make sure you have this information copied or saved in a separate area, as you will need it.
      Use Historical Aerials
      You may now use Historical Aerials to “peel back time” for your respective area. This website gives you access to many historical aerial photos that may help you refine the area you want to detect in.
      This is great if you are looking for things like old trails and swimming holes.
      If you are looking for old relics and coins then it may be best to look at an atlas for that area. For example, in NJ you can find free Atlases online that date back to the 1800s. All you have to do is search on google. Depending on the atlas you look at it may even show you old homesites, which is a fantastic clue.
      An example of a really great website for atlases is Historic Map Works.
      Research the Property Owner and Ask For Permission
      Once you have found your “prime” location, the next action is to obtain the permission of that area. It is important to always have the permission of the area in which you are detecting and most importantly, never to trespass.
      But, how does one find out who owns that property? Well, there are many ways to obtain information. For now, we will focus on the Smart Hunting aspect.
      There are tools online for each state in the US that allow you to pull up public tax assessment information. Remember when we said save your coordinates? Use the information discovered to build your strategy as you will be given contact information to aid you in your journey to permission.
      If the location in which you are Smart Hunting turns out to be a business, find the website to the company. Try to locate a “contact us” page to strengthen your efforts in getting the permission you are seeking. You may also attempt to create a “Waiver of Liability,” as businesses want to ensure you are not an insurance risk. Do not get discouraged if you get a no. I always try to play the “No” game. And that is how many “No’s” can you get before you get a yes. You will be surprised with your outcome!
      Sometimes if the property is owned by a private resident it will show their contact information. Again, I want to clarify that this is public information. You may choose to find them on social media or send them a well thought out handwritten letter. Why? Because people need to write more handwritten letters. You also have the option to show up at their home. If it is a farm, sometimes this works out as they often have farm stands. Go grab some juicy vegetables and talk yourself into some permission. Need some exercise? Maybe lend a helping hand on the farm! You never know of the doors that will open through the power of positivity.
      If you manage to gain permission, you now have your opportunity to put the Smart Hunting you did to work.
      You have now become a Detective Detectorist!
      Smart Hunting: Metal Detecting With Technology originally appeared on kellyco.com
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