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New Rutus Model Detector In The Works

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The Rutus Atrex is interesting. I would like to see it in America and would like to see a waterproof one.

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I am jealous, I'd like to get myself an Atrex. Please keep us all informed how you go with it.

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On 4/8/2022 at 6:27 PM, phrunt said:

I am jealous, I'd like to get myself an Atrex. Please keep us all informed how you go with it.

It’s got my interest. Daniel Spencer of The Searcher gave it an glowing review saying “the technology is amazing” and that “it sets new depth and sensitivity boundaries.” That’s very intriguing. I don’t like that it’s not waterproof. The last remaining machine I have that’s not waterproof is the V3i, of which the Atrex kind of reminds me in some ways.  It’s also around $1500. It would have to be all Daniel says it is for me to invest that much again after purchasing the Deus 2. I might find all my equipment on the lawn one day if I keep this up haha.

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The Rutus Atrex technology is really excellent, whether it concerns the multifrequency, or even the use of one frequency with the Multifilter, and it also excellently eliminates the influence of terrain mineralization ... on the correct detection of the target.

The depth and stability of the ID are really good and excellent ..., and the separation between the iron is also ...

In the control detection itself with Atrex on pre-production software 1.1.7 in Multifrequency, I managed to detect coin-sized targets to a depth of 12 "-12.5" with a good ID  71-73 ... in a relatively challenging terrain ,,,

Since it was a good signal with ID 71-73 and also a good straight signal on Hodograf .. during cross sweeping with a coil .. I gradually started digging this target, and continuously checked the location of the target with a pinponter ..., because when checking Multifrequency software ATREX was interested in how deep I can find this target.. ..



I was also positively motivated by finding the previous really nice target .... with ID 51-52 .... which was not so deep / about 7-8 "max / but was in a zone of relatively strong pollution with various iron or aluminum folia waste ...

The target was excellently detected and localized among the waste even on the low-used Recovery speed -"Reakction 2"- Atrex ..
....Because this day I focused more on testing the stability of Atrex in .. wet mineralized terrain with hot and could rocks .... on the lowest usable recovery sped which I will still work effectively .... on such demanding terrain ..



Finally, later in-depth testing on this day for targets of 50 eurocents and 10 eurocent coins at depths of 32-34cm in this field ... at Atrex at recovery speed 2 ,, and also with other other detectors Deus 2, Aka Intronik, and Detech Relic Striker in depth tests ... showed the excellent stability of Atrex in the tests and detection of this wet terrain .. ,, as well as the fact that the detection of targets at 12 "-30 cm depth is really real ... with a good VDI and signal on the hodograph ..

 Further tests showed that Multifrequency can not only improve the range of detection on non-ferrous targets ... as opposed to 1 frequency ... but also make the identification of VDI targets very accurate ...

...so you would definitely dig for these target... under VDI as well....poletko testowe  -testowane monety na 50eurocent y 10 eurocent na glebokoscz 32-34 cm...   .jpg

Use detectors in testing ...Rutus ATREX, Xp  DEUS2, Aka INTRONIK, Detech RELIC STRIKER...

IMG_20220323_194524 (3).jpg


As for the detection of small targets ... small coins or gold ... with Atrex on the multifrequency, and one frequency with the Multifilter .. by eliminating the influence of the terrain signal ... you can verify very quickly in this very small target test, for example. .as 2x2mm -0.02 gram 24k gold ...IMG_20220410_175028.jpg

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On 4/17/2022 at 10:08 AM, EL NINO77 said:

poletko testowe  -testowane monety na 50eurocent y 10 eurocent na glebokoscz 32-34 cm...   .jpg

Use detectors in testing ...Rutus ATREX, Xp  DEUS2, Aka INTRONIK, Detech RELIC STRIKER...

IMG_20220323_194524 (3).jpg


And what were the different detectors depth results ? One deeper than the others ? thx

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After the first tests on a coin of 50 eurocents at a depth of 32_34cm, we focused on tests on a smaller coin of 10 eurocents at the same depth of 32-34cm .. which turned out to be a border target..where else could detect detectors as a good signal ...
 This target was detected by 3 detectors out of 4 in the test .... and they were Rutus ATREX detectors on an 11 "standard coil, Deus II on an 11" coil and Detech Relic Striker on a standard 15x18 "SEF coil ...

ATREX ... on Multifrequency and 11 "standard coil was super stable in tests on this wet terrain and gave a good signal for deep targets even with a sufficiently good VDI .. signal that we would dig ...
We achieved optimal and best results on Reactivity 2.

... later tested the ATREX with also good results on the 13 "mars Discovery coil.. ..

In my opinion, ATREX had a...very strong reserve.... of stability in tests such as detection in this field .. which says that there is a reserve for further increase in the performance of this detector.


  Deus2 on the 11"MF coil was less stable on this wet terrain, it took a while to find the best responsive programs and settings, but on 2 modified multifrequency programs General and Deep Hc on the optimal setting and optimal Reactivity 1.5 ... we managed to achieve good results even with adequate good VDI ..

 Deus2  It's a really good multifrequency detector .....


Detech Relic Striker on coil Sef15x18"....at optimal settings also detected the target really well ... the stability of the detector was good only with occasional response to could rock ..

Who knows Relic Striker knows that this detector is a good and deep detector even in mineralized terrain..


I can also appreciate the testing a bit ... ATREX ..

....And starting with the fact that this detector shows a well-made multifrequency 2nd generation ... it can also handle deep targets in difficult terrain very well, while providing relatively accurate VDI for these targets ... and a strong reserve of detection stability helps focus on really good and specific targets...


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What About Intronik

What Coil and Frecuency and Mode Was Uded

Whats your opinión on the Machine Againts The Others in Your Test

Very Interested in Adquiring an Atrex

Own Intronik 214

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Magic12 ...  Intronik with a 15 "coil 2-14 khz on this demanding wet mineralized terrain .. failed to set on this day ... to detect this target well ... even though the detector was very stable in tests ...
they tried to change various programs and settings ...

However, we will focus on further testing of Intronik ... in order to achieve good results.,, on this field...

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MULTI FREQUENCY 2.0.0 & coils


Based on the comments and suggestions of users, we have modified the algorithms in Multi Frequency work. In the following programs: Beach, Swamp, Basic and User1, Multi Frequency is optimized for trouble-free operation on wet ground. In other programs, the Multi Frequency algorithms have been built to minimize iron masking and maximize sensitivity to very small objects.


We are changing some technical solutions in Atrex coils. The standard of digital transmission between the coil and the detector is changing. Currently produced coils will no longer be compatible with Alter71, Argo NE, Ultima and will not be supported by Atrex with older software versions. The Multi 2.0.0 and Basic 2.0.0 software automatically recognizes the type of connected coil and supports both old and new types of coils (also Mars MD coils).


Software and manual are ready to download.



..The Rutus ATREX detector... now delivers the new multi-frequency software 2.0.0 - Multi Advance as well as the new multi-frequency software Basic 2.0.0 - with Smart Audio ...
..This software has been tested for a long time../..even by me../..and I personally think that it will pleasantly surprise every ATREX user..


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