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New Rutus Model Detector In The Works

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New Rutus name will be ATREX. 

What's new you'll find in Atrex?
The first novelty in the Atrex is the availability of two types of software that the user can change himself in an innovative way. "Basic" for those looking for a user-friendly detector and "Advance" for users who want to control every aspect of the device. There is no need for cables or special applications that the user has to install on his laptop to change the software. Everything is operated wirelessly using WiFi and an ordinary web browser, so that the software can be changed even in the field using a phone. More advance software may develop in the future.
Multifilter is the second important thing. Wherever the ground is highly mineralized and it hinders the search, Atrex has an "ace up its sleeve". The Multifilter is an algorithm that runs in the background of the detector's normal operation. If a small object made of non-ferrous metal can be signaled by normal ground filters, i.e. there is no problem with the ground - nothing is happening, the detector works in the classic way. If the signal from the ground is greater than the signal from the object - the Multifilter, based on the data archived for the last tens of milliseconds, can reconstruct the approximate ID of the object and signal the non-ferrous object. The effectiveness of detection of non-ferrous metal objects in heavily mineralized soils increases very significantly. We have verified it in reliable field tests and there is no doubt that the theoretically developed "Multifilter" works in practice.
Next new feature is the ability to neutralize the effects of water on search. Neutralization does not mean "masking" the problem. Electrically conductive water has different characteristics than metal objects. If we "stimulate" the water with several frequencies, it turns out that we can easily "subtract" the signal from the water, and the signals from metal objects can be further processed. With Atrex, you can walk on wet beaches, swamps and peat bogs just like you would on dry sand.
Another novelty is the Noise level preview screen. From now on, choosing the operating frequency will be easier. Just turn on the preview screen and select a frequency where there is no interference.
The new color display is very little susceptible to the effects of low temperature and always works just as fast.
Atrex will contain all the functions that are in Alter71.
A new wireless receiver with a built-in rechargeable battery will work with Atrex.
We expect to release Atrex on foreign markets at the end of the year.



Rutus Atrex



  • Built-in Wi-Fi module for software changes
  • Built-in wireless audio transmitter working with OS-2
  • Color TFT display
  • Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and black coil - 1630 g
  • Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and white coil - 1770 g
  • Working time from 20 to 40 hours


  • Frequency adjustable between 4.4kHz and 18.4kHz in steps of 0.2kHz
  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • 9 factory programs + 5 users
  • Modes of work: Motion with discrimination, All metal, Dual
  • Sensitivity - 99 levels
  • Discrimination: range 0-120 or -90 +90
  • Notch - 180 notches
  • Hot rock adjustment
  • Reaction speed (ground filters) - 8 levels
  • Multifilter
  • Noise level preview
  • Water Reject
  • Short signal masking - 7 levels
  • Threshold level
  • Threshold tone
  • Threshold sensitivity (All metal channel)
  • VCO (20 levels)
  • SAT
  • Audio gain
  • Iron volume
  • 6 factory preset sound profiles + 3 user programmable sound profiles
  • ID type (range 0-120 or -90 +90)
  • Display information hold time
  • ID gain
  • Volume
  • Backlight
  • Pinpoint

Rutus Atrex Operating Manual

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Hard to tell how this one will go over. Choosing your own base frequency with complimentary harmonic combo is intriguing, but also kind of what Multi-IQ does from mode to mode with frequency weighting. It looks not to be a waterproof. It also has an old(ish) school rear arm battery pack and looks weighty, which many won’t receive well. Still, I’ve got my eye on it, and I’m interested to see how other get on with it. 

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Rutus ATREX...., as the world's first manufacturer, brings several important innovations in the world of metal detectors ...


.... wait a moment to change the main image to other images with an explanation of the new innovative features .... that Rutus ATREX brings ..

Maybe in a moment I will be able to say about ATREX .. something more ..👍:smile:


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Wow. Time will show how it works. The whole package reminds me the White's ones.😉


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The detection capabilities of Rutus ATREX are definitely interesting ... MULTIFILTER works really well ....

I had the opportunity to work and detect with Rutus ATREX for some time ...


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9 hours ago, EL NINO77 said:

The detection capabilities of Rutus ATREX are definitely interesting ... MULTIFILTER works really well ....

I had the opportunity to work and detect with Rutus ATREX for some time ...


That’s a hell of a nice case/visor for your Deus. Where did you get that, if you don’t mind me asking? 

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I got this cover for RC panel..for ORX / Deus as a gift from my colleague Mike ..z Top Digin ...

I will return to ATREX .... .. this detector offers another unique feature ..... namely the ability to choose what software oftwer experienced detectors will load into ATREX Pro software Advance .... and a beginner or less experienced detector can choose to begin with  upload software BASIC -... and from later on it can go to Pro software ADVANCE .. 

 Pro Software ADVANCE ... it offers more options for setting up the detector .. but it also has more power.


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19 hours ago, EL NINO77 said:


Hi Slavomir,
With so many detectors I wonder how you manage to choose the right one before going detecting  🙂🙂... 
Btw what is your opinion about the Deus + elliptical HF coil ?  I have just received one a few days ago ...

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