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Nokta Legend First 10 Hours


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10 hours ago, Jeff McClendon said:

Legend target ID 11 is kind of a "catch all" "don't know" target ID from my experience. So is 1....... 11 is also a ground response target ID similar to 23 to 25 on Deus 2 and -1 to +2 on the Equinox. Coke, charcoal, slag, magnetite and weird, wet or extremely dry ground conditions can cause those responses from my experience.

I agree with your here Jeff.  I came to the same conclusion based on having used the Deus 2 and how it notches out coke, etc. between 23 and 25 on many of the programs.  Most "11" signals I dug were foil though.  

I used Field mode day 1 and Park mode days 2 and 3.  I seem to remember Field having some greater variety of targets ID# 11 or above.  I seem to recall in the manual the numbers roughly from 10-15 can vary between Park and Field.  Perhaps its to allow in small, cut and thin hammered coins for guys in the UK?  Maybe Field mode is a bit lower frequency weighted to hit small, higher conductors better?

I think I got more #12-15 in Field Mode, but I'll have to verify that on a future hunt.  Definitely something to investigate further.  

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I agree about TID 11 being an "I don't know" often. TID 60 can be too but not as often. You will get a lot of false 11s if the ground is wet/conductive if not running M3.  If the 11 or 60 sounds solid but weak/deep it is worth digging.  Thin/hollow sounding is a ground ghost so far.

I feel, and the manual indicates, Park mode is filtered with AL trash in mind and Field mode is filtered to deal with Ferrous trash. I think Beach mode has a reduced TX feature.


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"The ID resolution of IDs 11-15 is different in Park versus the Field mode.  You may get a different ID in each mode for targets that fall within this ID range."  This is from the Legend manual.

The manual does seem to indicate Field is for areas with ferrous trash and Park more to combat foil.  Definitely what I've believed true all along.  

I'll have to experiment with toggling between Field and Park when I find an "11" in Park mode to see if the ID number changes and dig ones that do.  


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