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Will The Next Gen Detectors Address Emi ???

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I think you're misunderstanding, it has to be able accept the EMI, even if it causes an undesirable effect, but that doesn't mean they can't shift frequencies within their permitted range to avoid it causing detrimental performance.

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I think the wording is confusing. Metal detectors generally aren't licensed devices like radio transmitters, etc, they are a different class of device since the manufacturer doesn't want to waste money on licenses or risk leaks from the tests. What it's saying is that since it isn't licensed, you can't complain to the FCC about any interference from actual licensed devices like cell towers, wifi, bluetooth, emergency radios, etc. This is why these manufacturers don't get testing on anything but the Bluetooth tx/rx. 

But you certainly can try to prevent any of that EMI from entering the detector via shielding, or do signal processing, noise cancelling, frequency hopping, or any other noise reduction techniques available. As long as doing them doesn't interfere with the licensed products, and you can't complain if the licensed products interfere with you. 

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