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Steve Herschbach

Treasure Finds On The Rise In The U.K.

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"Metal detector finds are on the rise, new Government figures show, as the popularity of TV programmes such as Time Team and Detectorists tempts more people to take up treasure hunting. Statistics released by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport show that the overall number of treasure discoveries rose to 1,121 in 2016, up from 1,005 in 2015. Experts say programmes such as Detectorists, a BBC sitcom starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones which began airing in 2014, have tempted more amateur searchers to try out the hobby."

Full Story Here

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Soon comes the regulations and restrictions ..... unfortunately.

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What England has beats the hell out of our Antiquities Act.

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Has anyone else watched "Detectorists..?"

I watched a few installments of 'Season One' on computer via Hulu, or possibly the entire run, since a year can be as few as six episodes, maybe even fewer..

Quite different from our "reality" gold shows.. Wayyy more calm, less in-your-face, more tongue-in-cheek -- more "British", so to speak..

Was actually pretty good, once I got into the flow of it.. It's regular guys, Sad Sack schmo, keep their day job, part-time hunters vs our sell everything in the lower-48 and pack Mama n the kids into a 5th-wheel towed to Alaska hooked to the back of a well-used D-9 cos we're gonna strike it rich rich rich just east of Tundrafrost mentality of our shows..


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Guest TreasureGuy

I have been detecting for around 20 years now in the UK, and yes, there is truly some amazing treasures to be found! I have permission to detect on a very large farm estate between Stonehenge and Old Sarum Castle and we have dug some beautiful finds..

I can remember finding my first ever hammered coin of Henry Ist and thinking is this a wind up?  as it was only found under just an inch of pasture.. So ever since that day, me and the wife have been going out weekly hunting for the those lost treasures..

Back in the late 80 early 90's there was a serious stigma around metal detecting, which sadly even still today haunts us detectorists when trying to gain permission from local farmer and landowners.

I can remember my local city newspaper always having frontpage articles saying about how nighthawkers are going out and stealing Britains hidden treasures and selling them on the black market.. I'm not denying that this did not take place, as this did in fact happen many times and still does today, but this really did have a knock on effect in gaining permission today in the UK.

But.. going back to Steves post.. Programs like the detectorists, (which I will not miss) has helped gained me further permissions.. I spoke with a farmer the other day and he said he love the series and he would love to get out there in his fields and search, but sadly does not have the time.. In conclusion.. Sales of metal detectors are on the rise and so are permissions thanks to these types of programs..

If any of you people abroad plan to visit the UK in summer 2018 please give me a shout, as I would be more than happy to show you round some of my medieval and Roman fields here in the UK..

All the best


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What? People in the UK aren’t inspired by the TV show Diggers?:laugh:

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In Spain a couple of years ago, in the Discovery channel they began to throw some chapters of some American detectorists that Ivan with bulldozers and the archeologists put the scream in the sky and managed to eliminate the program with the excuse that it fomented the plundering

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      In the United Kingdom instead of outlawing metal detecting for antiquities laws are designed to encourage and make use of proper metal detecting practices. More than 900,000 historically important items have been reported since the new law was instituted in 1997, including 8,500 designated as treasure. The law has "revolutionized archaeology" in the UK.

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