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Ridge Runner

What’s The Most Quarters You Found In One Hole ?

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I was doing my best to find something at a school that I could tell that someone had been there before me.I’d get a hit on a coin here and there but so far it was nothing to get excited about.

I should have told you from the start I was swinging my MX Sport with the 6X10 DD coil. I’ve had this coil from way back when but it was my first time out with it.

I was swinging that coil in hopes they had to over look something. Oh I had found one quarter with a few pennies but nothing to write home about. How little did I know that my next swing was going to give me a big attitude adjustment that I needed so bad.

Bless that Sport it sounded off with a ID on the high side of ever being a quarter.After pinpointing with the Sport I pulled out my TRX with a better pinpoint on whatever it was. Much to my surprise out pop a quarter. I didn’t probe any further because I wanted to see what the ID level was now if anything else was in there . The ID level had drop but yet not where a quarter would read. Well the TRX went to work again and as before out pop another quarter.

By now my day had reached a new high and it was something still in that hole. I repeated what I’d done before and believe it or not before it was over I’d done it again.

The question I was going to ask in the beginning is have you ever found 4 quarters in the same hole? In about a 4 foot circle around the quarters I found 6 pennies too.

I have found more than a dollar in change in one hole but never 4 quarters.

That 6X10 DD coil from White’s is a great coin and I plan to keep it on for a while. I have the 6” concentric coil and 7” DD that I have been using but why buy something if you’re not going to give it a try.


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Boy you hit the jackpot on that one.

I meet a guy at this old town that had been washed away in the 18 hundreds by storms on the coast and he found 18 silver dollars wrap up in a old oil cloth. The best I could do at a later date was find a silver half in great condition.


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10 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

The best I could do at a later date was find a silver half in great condition.

I'd take a silver half over a bag of modern quarters any day.

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Here was a good one for me. I’d hunted this old Fair grounds too many times to count that last one that a Fair was 1945. I’d never hunted under this huge bush and I was pushing the coil under it as around it I went. After it was over I had found 5 seated liberty dimes under that one bush.


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    • By Cabin Fever
      We’re having a mild winter here in the Pacific NW, so I went out for a few hours today in search of some thawed ground and old coins. I did a little spot hopping to stay on diggable ground within this early 1900s park and was able to come home with an above average number of V Nickels.  It’s not uncommon for me to come home with a couple Vs  in one hunt but I think 5 is a new record for me.  I also managed a a crusty wheat penny, a 1906 D Barber Dime and a Spokane United Railways Token. The little token was past 8” which I would have never believed possible until I dug it. They are very small and thin.  It’s always nice to be able to get out in January in this neck of the woods..

    • By phrunt
      Over Christmas/New Year I took off with my wife and daughter in my Caravan which I got imported from the UK for an adventure and to pick up the Caravan from Christchurch where the ships come in... for me it was a good chance to use my metal detectors.
      I took along the Equinox 800, Gold Bug Pro, T2 on the first trip to Christchurch, a 7 hour drive from home.

      My caravan, home away from home for my metal detecting adventures from now on
      I've already done a post on a big part of the trip in this thread here as I bought the Ultimate coil for my GBP for beach detecting to take on this trip.
      These were the coins found on that first part of the trip, nothing too special, mostly on the beaches around Christchurch

      Then I went to KiwiJW's area around Queenstown for the New Years period, they have a great fireworks show there and I was keen to detect the beach afterwards as it gets thousands of people on it for the show.  I went at 4am the next morning to detect the beach but in my haste to leave the Caravan while half asleep I picked up my Gold Monster and threw it in the car somehow thinking it was my Equinox 800.  When I arrived at the beach I realized I had the wrong detector with me. 
      Fortunately I had my T2 buried under some blankets in the car as I brought it along for my wife to use if she did any detecting, there was no way I was going to go back to the Caravan and get the Nox as I had a small window of opportunity before people started arriving and sitting all over the beach to watch the sunrise, it seems to be on a bucket list of a lot of tourists.  My wife has decided the T2 isn't for her anymore and wants to only ever use the Gold Bug Pro with the Ultimate coil due to it's insanely accurate Target ID's, it's a great combination.  I had to dumb down to the T2 to about 50% gain on the beach area as there is a lot of EMI around there but I did pretty well with it, finding coins that I had missed on various occasions using my Nox.  I am certain I'd been over these places with the Nox, the beach isn't exactly big, it's long but only about 10 to 20 meters wide.

      I was very pleased with the performance of the T2 with Mars Tiger coil, it found coins the Nox missed, maybe they were too scratchy/random of a signal to dig on the Nox, maybe I mistook them for junk with it's smaller VDI range, or maybe the T2 just saw them better on the day, who knows... the crowds of people arrived about 5.30am as expected to watch the sunrise from the lakefront.... I was hoping they wouldn't being New Years day, sleeping off the booze but they were appeared on mass.
      While in the area I also threw in my sluice in my favorite creek with my Dad, we went halves in the gold as we ran it for two days, we got about half a gram each.  I've tried my Dad on metal detecting, he just doesn't have the knack for it, and he broke his leg badly a couple of years ago so his leg is full of metal right down near his ankle, not ideal for detecting as it sets off the detector all the time.  He seems to enjoy sluicing though, if I ever ask he always wants to come along and it's fun doing it with him.  He's almost died twice now in the past few years, once from a big heart attack and then once from an infection which took over his body from the leg breaks surgery so it's nice to spend time with him doing something we both like doing. 

      Once I got home again after that trip I had to drive back up to Christchurch for a warranty repair on my Caravan as it had a window leak which they fixed up for me.

      This trip we had more time so I did a lot more detecting, I also took along my GPX 4500 as on the first trip I was at a beach where my VLF's just couldn't work, too much black sand.

      The GPX worked a treat here in the black sand where the VLF's struggled badly, I did find a few coins on this beach with it but nothing exceptional.  I quickly got sick of digging beer bottle tops as the GPX had poor discrimination using my 11" DD coil compared to using my VLF's... I got tired of digging junk all the time so I gave up.  I was pleased however that I was at least able to use the GPX here and it worked well, just a shame about the bottle tops.
      We left Christchurch after two days there and getting the Caravan repair done to go to Dunedin, another large city in South Island terms for the remainder of the trip, I wanted to give the beaches there a go as well.  I also detected some parks in Dunedin and did better at them than the beaches.  The beaches were nice but very desolate of people... even on hot days nobody was around to drop their stuff for me to find 🙂

      The footprints on this beach are mine from walking back and forward with my Gold Bug Pro, they're the only footprints on the beach and this is the main *popular* beach in the city.  Only a few minutes drive from the city center.  I found a few coins here, nothing exceptional as just so few people use the beach I guess nothing much gets lost.  Puzzled why it was empty all the time.  Nice weather, the water was warm enough for a swim, crystal clear water, nice sand... amazed it was always empty.
      I had better luck in the parks at Dunedin with some quite good coin finds.  I also found a religious thing which is strange as it's very similar to one I found on another trip in Queenstown.

      These two photos are the more odd finds I had over the entire XMAS period, two American coins, a Canadian coin, a Fiji coin and the usual NZ old coins and an Aussie coin.  The religious things are down the bottom, the one with NEW is the one I found this trip.  I didn't clean off the old penny coins as I'm not sure the best way to go about it with them being so old.  The other coins cleaned up pretty good.  I cleaned up the 1876 penny as it has had someone attempt to put a hole in it to make a neck pendant by the looks of it so I assumed it's value if any was already gone so I went and cleaned it up, it came up nice for such an old coin.  The second oldest coin was a 1936 US one cent.  The other coin a lot of you will recognize is a 1966 US 1/4 dollar, looks in good condition although there is a lot of wear on it.  It's not unusual to find foreign coins in NZ, we get almost the entire countries population in tourists each year.
      When I dug the Canadian dollar I was a bit confused as it's Target ID on the GBP was all over the place yet without looking too hard I just put this dirty looking NZ $2 coin into my pocket, I didn't know at the time it was a Canadian dollar. I just assumed it was something else in the hole causing the Target ID to go wild.
      I also found a lot of the more common NZ and Aussie coins, this is a photo of some of them, my wife put the lot of them in my metal detecting coin collection before I got a photo of them so I've only got a few of them that I got a photo of that weren't mixed in with the others.

      Turned out a pretty fun break and a good learning experience.  I enjoy using my GBP with Ultimate coil as it's so light and has really good Target ID's, the Nox serves me well also but I was pleased the T2 came through with the goods on New Years day finding coins I've missed with the Nox.  The GPX ran perfectly in the black sand proving to me how well it really cancels out bad ground.  I don't really have a favorite detector anymore, I like them all, they're a nice little family 🙂
    • By Againstmywill
      I took my brother-in-law out detecting for his first time ever today. I had him set up with a Teknetics G2 with the ultimate coil. (That coil is a beast. It literally found a staple that he was looking for for a long time with the pinpointer.) Anyway, he found only a few coins
      However, he did have a unique find for a soccer field in FL. I am attaching some pics hoping someone can shed some light on the find. It looked like, from a quick glance, that there was a goldish color covering a base metal. On my Equinox, it was a solid 17. It seems strange that someone would reproduce a coin that is so heavily worn.
      Here are some pics he sent me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • By groundscanner
      Here are my best finds from my last two trips with my new Equinox 800.  The site is an old plantation that has been under continual cultivation since the 1830's.   All detecting took place in plowed fields with over 180 years of accumulated nails, iron farm implements, and assorted trash.  Running the 800 with no discrimination sounds like machine gun fire due to the massive amounts of nails and other iron (I wasn't searching this way though!).  I was running the 800 mostly in Field 1 and occasionally in Field 2.  Field 1 was a touch quieter. 
      I found 6 Tax Tokens, a V nickel, a buff, and one Jefferson nickel; 5 pennies including one IH;  one merc and one 1876 Carson City seated liberty dime.  I was very excited about the CC dime since this is a Mississippi site and I have never found one before.  Unfortunately both dimes have plow marks.  This is not uncommon considering the amount of cultivation.
      Additional finds included a nice flat button, bridle boss, several brass rivets, heel plate, and other whatzits.  The smaller rivet was fairly deep.
      Considering the amount of trash I was very impressed with the 800.

    • By Tometusns
      I got my Equinox 800 on Feb. 9th and can't imagine hunting with anything else. The pic doesn't have everything found because some coins and war buttons along with some bullets are either in books or a display. 
      Yep! I'm an Equinox fan!!
      Thanks for looking. 

    • By Ridge Runner
      I was in Oklahoma to see a friend and do some coin hunting together. I had my Sport a single frequency and he had a multi frequency with both of us having good luck detecting.
      My biggest trouble was swinging the Sport over 1 1/2 hours each day. The trouble before I went I hadn’t been hunting as often as I should to keep my right arm up to it. Getting older has played lots on shorting my time in the field.
      Tom I’ve been at this with White’s from the 60’s and I’d like to stay another 50. Haha  I’ll need some help from White’s on my next detector.
      First like me I got to get some weight off the next one I buy . I love the looks of the Sport and I know I could go over to the MX 7 but it too comes up short. The thing I don’t like I can’t notch out just one number at a time. On the number of frequency I can hunt in is just not that important. I’ve found more coins with just it running in one frequency more than most can count.
       You can see I must have hit a penny farm. I hit two spots it was nothing but pennies coming up . I’d get tired of digging and my friend took over and dig up as many as I did.