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After Reading many post about the TDI SL The Topics always Returned to the Issue about Batteries so I thought I would Buy A  Few Dozen Batteries and put it to the Tests Because I think that most peopl

Created a pack for the SL I can run 4 18650 3400 mah cells for 14.8 to 16.8 volts has full balance and protection circuit. I also have a 6 cell 4000 mah pack 12.6 volt. You can get them on Ebay. Also

I just wanted to share this with people because the Battery Life is the Only Grey Area with this machine and to put their minds at Rest, Ok, Here is the Modded Battery Pack with 9 AA's Fitted,

Posted Images

I mentioned in another place that I'd spoken to Reidman and he said that he can't post anything with batteries into Oz. OK....

So, I PMd him from here.  He asked me to email him with another email.  Did that last night or this morning (can't remember off-hand, I had one too many brandies last night).  So am awaiting a response from him.

Will let you know as soon as a reply lands.


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There might be an exponential rise in cost also.  Are you state-side Vanursepaul?

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John kf you were to run the Eveready lithium batteries in the TDI SL which battery holder would you use the blue one or the orange one, or does it matter?

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2 hours ago, Nuff coils said:

John kf you were to run the Eveready lithium batteries in the TDI SL which battery holder would you use the blue one or the orange one, or does it matter?

If I understand the question, the two battery cases are similar, but the orange pack is a sealed NiMH pack whereas the blue case is the user-loadable 8xAA holder.  So I would use the blue one.


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Thanks. Thought the blue case was correct but wanted to be sure.

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@Nuff coils,what coils do you use on your TDI SL ??



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Older Razorback 8.5x 11, Stock coil, Pulse Mate Scarab 18x14, Pulse Mate 12x4 and Whites 6 inch round Super pulse150.

The Razorback was made by Miner John.    The Pulse Mate Scarab really needs a hip mount (pretty heavy). The Pulse Mate 12x4 Nuggeteer is pretty light weight.   Don't know if either are still available as I got them 2 years ago and used them sparingly. Been away for over a year and am just getting back into all detecting. I may not be the person to ask now.  There are some pretty knowledgeable people on this thread who can give you the latest info.

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  • Similar Content

    • By oddcoiler
      Speaking of PI detectors.
      Now that Garrett has aquired  White's.
       How about a multi frequency Whites TDI ???
        98 frequencies from the Infinium.
      Added to the Whites TDI with it's incredible ground tracking and ground balance.
       That sounds interesting !
    • By bamajoe
      I have a TDI SL coming in today. I know most people want to detect for small gold. In my bad soil I want to detect silver coins that my CTX3030 can't reach. I'm a long way from the beach and probably long way from gold. That leaves coins and relics.  I've heard that larger coils tend to ignore small trash which sounds good for a coin hunter. I know that if you raise the delay that this helps but with a loss of depth. A 12" dual field and 7.5" dual field are coming with the machine.  What could I get that would be better suited for detecting coins?
    • By JohnnyRox
      Which do you think will hit deeper on wet sand?  I'd prefer a TDIBH over a DF but I'm budget limited.  
    • By PPP
      Just wondering if it is worth selling my garrett sea hunter and Equinox 600 to buy a TDI beachhunter instead? of couars the money i will make selling thoese two detectors is not enough to buy a TDI Beachhunter and i have to put som extra money on that.Please help! I want just more depth in saltwater and think TDIBeachhunter goes deeper than thoese two
    • By larryw
      I currently use a Equinox 800 and I consider myself to know absolutely everything about it. There really isnt anything that anyone can tell me about that machine that i havent mastered and completely already know. Its probably the most simple machine to use on the planet. I understand all the settings and I even know how to exploit the machine to get the results that i want when i want and i know how to get the maximum depth possible on the machine. I can even get a 22 inch air test on a silver quarter. Not too many people know how to do that and it is very relevant when you hunt in places with fill dirt and sand. 
      So I have been completely cleaning out all double beeps, every single piece of trash, every sliver of aluminum foil, every rusty nail, Every single pull tab, piece of a pull tab, tip of a pull tab, chocolate coin discarded foil etc etc etc.  Some of these places i have been electronically sifting wont even give a double beep on ANYTHING anymore with the Equinox 800. I dont care about VDI i just dig it all at this point. I try to force out double beeps. It just doesnt happen anymore in these places ive been pounding. Ive used all 8 modes with several different settings and I now consider these places PRIME PROPERTY for a Pulse Induction Machine in order to find more targets.  These places are so clean that I wont even have to tug around the 800 to cross check the beeps because the 800 cant hit anything else there anyway.
      So i need advice on a purchase. We all know Whites has ended production. But ive always been interested in the TDI pulse machine. Right now you can pick up the Whites TDI Metal Detector with 12” Waterproof Spider Search Coil & Bundle for about 999.95 plus tax and shipping.  I have read some old reviews of this machine and some people claim that this thing is an absolute beast at the beach. Ive seen videos of people making water proof boxes and tying it to there body just so they tug this thing along the water and get that unbeatable depth with it. Some of these guys are claiming they get about 3 foot of depth with it while wearing ear phones.  I find that very interesting but i dont plan on using it at the beach. 
      I need a machine strictly for coin/relic and jewelry hunting AT THE PARKS and other places on Dry land That the equinox 800 just cant find any more targets at, even after 2 weeks of straight rain. 
      I think my max in depth dig on the ground with the 800 was about a 12 inch Large Cent, and it was basically on a hillside. 
      So i cant find any information about the depth of coins that the WHites TDI can detect.  I have Trimes in neighborhood and half dimes too. The equinox will struggle to find those targets that have been in the ground for over a 100 years at about 6 to 7 inches. Can a TDI pull those targets at 12 inches if they have been in the ground for over a hundred years? Whites has taken down their forums and i cant find any relevant information about coin hunting with the machine. Why is TDI cheaper than a V3I? I know that my 800 is superior to the V3I because i used to own one. The V3I is just a VLF machine. If the TDI is a Pulse machine should'nt the detectable depth for coins/jewelry/relics be better and deeper than a VLF?
      I dont want to dump a grand on a machine with 10 year old technology if my VLF is going to be superior to it. I really don't want to buy a Garret ATX with its 8 year old technology for 2 grand, when i can probably wait until Minelab releases this GPX 6000 specs information. Thats probably when you can get a good deal on a used GPX 5000 for 2 grand or less on ebay.
      USED GPX 5000 > Garret ATX at that price point.    But if a TDI is all need, THat would save me a grand. I dont care about going to gold fields and looking for gold flakes or nuggets. I care about digging up the history where i live at. I could get just as lucky in my village and dig up a silver coin worth $50,000 or more as you could get lucky finding a gold nugget of the same value in the dessert or mountains, RISKING YOUR LIFE FOR IT... Ive read that a Garret ATX and the Whites TDI perform about the same as far as depth of coins is concerned. So I guess i have 2 options, A whites TDI for 1 grand, or wait and try to get a USED GPX 5000 when they go on sale after the GPX 6000 specs release.
      Is a TDI going to be sufficient for my needs? THanks!
    • By karelian
      A year full of distractions, so yes I kind of did forget about this project. All parts had been ordered and arrived in good time.
      Assembly to follow in the next few days... with photographs and a performance test on the modified Pro I still have..
      I'll take it steady and do it right, get the soldering tidy and follow the plan..

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