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Where To Go For ....

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I cannot determine how to get to my list of Minelab warranty registrations....I find the spot to register new equipment.

Does some kind soul know the secret and will reveal it...?

if I too only had a brain


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It's a good question but I think the answer is "you can't".  

Just recently I logged on to the Minelab Australia website to ensure that I had all of my detectors registered as I was selling the Gold Monster.  But there is no list of registered machines under ones name (that I could find). 

So, I just went ahead and registered all of the machines again just to make sure.

It would be nice to be able to log on (like we do with car registrations) and see what is registered for warranty under our name, when it was registered, what day the warranty runs out, etc. 


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I had to check my GPX4500 when I bought it to see if it was genuine or not, the owner had registered it when he bought it.  The way to find out is to email service@minelab.com.au and they let you know, there is no automated way.  They don't mind doing it.


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Or call that worked for me too

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