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Bulgaria’s Amazing History

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You might want to take a boat along too.

And an extra paddle. You never know.

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It's no joke in central and eastern Europe, takes treasure hunting to an entirely different level 👍

Years ago I spent two summers in the Czech Republic doing historical research (not metal detecting related).  One weekend we had an appointment to visit a curator at a museum that so happened to be in the town center of the town the museum was located in.   I had only been detecting for a year or two at this time.  Imagine my surprise when the road that traveled up the old town directly to the front gates of the castle was all tore out!!  There were literately layer upon layer of cobblestone streets upon each other, with massive dirt piles lining the sides of the road where the construction project was taking place. 

My heart sank knowing I couldn't detect those piles, I can only image the old coins and relics that were in those dirt piles.

Always bring your detector.

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That’s going way back and humans still can’t come together.  Some things never change.  Mans desire for gold has been around for a very long time. 

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Incredible finds as well as incredible archaeological information. There have been many recent finds around the world that shows there is still much to learn about the past.   

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