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Jim Alaska At Rest

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  • The title was changed to Jim Alaska At Rest

Our gold hunting friends are slowly fading away.  Sorry to see another be put to rest and my heart goes out to the family/friends nearest him.  Each time this happens, so much knowledge is lost to the wayside. It was fun and a pleasure to read his experiences.  Life is not the cycle most of us wish.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

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I've had lots of contact (electronic messaging) and phone calls with Jim over the years--a truly great guy.

His body was just not letting him get out into gold country and do what he loved to do anymore, but it's sad that he's gone. Always a good guy to answer questions and to provide help and feedback.

He really will be missed. 

Thanks for the pictures and the write-up, and all the best,


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It is very difficult to loose a good prospecting buddy. 

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