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What Is Equivalent To A White's Goldmaster V/sat?

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The equivalent would be another V/Sat.

An updated version is the Garrett/Whites Goldmaster 24K. Outstanding detector.



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The only actual type-for-type replacement still manufactured (high frequency VLF, manual GB) is the Fisher Gold Bug 2. But, as Jeff rightly says, the best option is the Garrett remanufactured 24K. Best HF VLF detector out there, by far.

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Many options out there now.  If you want Simplicity of Turn ON and Go.  Get a GM-1000.  It lacks some of the fine tune features most all other higher kHZ VLF models have and it's literally is made for a No Brainer - anyone.

If you are a White's fan, the improved GMT (Gold Master Tracker) is very similar to the actual running of the old V-Sat.

If you prefer the most updated White's model, the now called Garrett 24K is the way to go.

Now if you desire to also hunt coins/beaches for jewelry, go with Minelab Equinox 800/900 as it does it all quite well.

Either way, sorry to hear of the loss.  I'm surprised the Insurance company is even giving you any value for the 25+ yr old V-Sat.  You can pick them up used for around $150 to $300.

Glad to hear you are getting excited again and hoping to see some pics of success posted soon.

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I always thought the Nokta AU Gold Finder was very similar to the V/Sat. 

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There is no substitute for the old vsat with a mono coil if you're looking for conductive ore minerals other than gold. It found silver minerals that other detectors couldn't due to the dd coils.


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