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  1. I hunted those dredge piles back in the late 1980$ before they buried them under the road. I was using the original Gold Bug, dug a lot of iron but found a good amount of gold
  2. I have been nugget detecting in the AZ. deserts for 45 years and have never been threatened by a coyote, bobcat or even bigfoot. As for snakes, if you can't jump out of the way faster than you can get your digger or 357 out and aim & shoot then u should stay home in your rocking chair. mho
  3. Sucking the juice out of it. Hey you only live once right.🤣 Don't swaller the yeller part.
  4. This is akin to the first m.d. contest I attended back around 196? put on by D Tex detectors and Bill Mahan. Only D Tex won .
  5. I bought my first detector in 1961, a Detectron and started hunting parks and old mining camps in Colo. and really enjoyed it. Started nugget hunting with a Garrett in 1983 in Az. I am slowing way down but I will probably die still owning a detector.
  6. My nemesis is the Sonoran desert, but I'm winning a few battle's
  7. I think the DD 11" coil handles the hot gnd better
  8. The Ax comes with 2 great coils and 2 more at a very reasonable price. The unique DD is special. Love mine.
  9. Do use any, tried em once. Have callouses instead. They are a pain the arse imo.
  10. Years ago before they started making coil covers we used a large rubber band cut from a car tire inner tube stretched around the coil
  11. The difference in the amt. of gold found with the 6000 over a sd used with a GM1000s not enough to justify the $. JMO
  12. I would put the money to better use than a 6000. Don't need to look for crumbs too deep for a Monster or too small for a 7000.
  13. About 25 years ago I found a 2 oz nugget in what I believe is in the same area, it too was very small for it's weight and smooth
  14. Sense I consider my XP pinpointer the best l have used it will have to do until some one makes one as sensitive as my GM 1000
  15. Your opinion as too wether dowsing works is the correct one.
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