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What Was Your 1st Detector?

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Bounty Hunter for me ,cost 90 bucks, a lot of money for a poor high school boy in 1972.I seem to recall it could barely sound off on a coin roll at 2 inches. When they invented discrimination and ground balance, a Tek Mark 1 was somehow acquired, best machine I ever owned as a silver producer.

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A detector I built using plans in a popular science magazine. It used a transistor radio as the receiver and the coil was hand wound and connected to a single transistor transmitter. It actually worked. Then I bought a Heath Kit GD-48 metal detector kit. This was in 1968.

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1974 or 75, Jetco Goldstar TR. Then a White's 6000/d when I realized how lousy the Jetco was. I get a chuckle from the irony that I ended up at White's for a while, and now I work at Jetco. Or, what used to be Jetco.


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    • By richard t
      Hello. I am very new to MD. I am looking at buying my first one and looking for any advice on what to  get. I will be detecting on lakes, beaches and in the piney woods of texas. Ground is going to be a mixture of hard soil some soft and beach sand at times. It will be in creek beds,lake water and every once in a while the beach. I am not looking for the cheapest but not the most expensive either. My budget will be some where around $200.00 and $800.00. I have looked at the Garret AT pro. And the T2 SE.  But if their is something different or better please share and let me know
       So what do you guys think. 
    • By lchavezmisc
      Hey everyone,
      Been stopping by the forum for some time, and now that the heat has chased me off my usual spot, I have some time to say hello:) I am new to detecting, mainly sluice in the past and now dry washing/detecting.  I have yet to actually find any gold detecting, but I have been working some hard worked sites.  I have detected the Weaver claims, GPAA claims in Black Canyon and Mayer without luck.  The dry washer on the other hand has been successful everywhere I set it up.  Not huge quantities mind you, but some color every time.  
      I haven't given up on the detector yet.  I am running a SDC2300 (fits my level of experience and love the compact size).  What I have been impressed with is just how small and deep it picks up metal.  I am sure this is nothing new for you folks, but I am talking about tiny metal shavings 6" deep and small 22 casings up to a foot down.  I know this guy is touted as a small/shallow gold detector, but it truly does seam to find more than expected and advertised.  I am running it on the stock setting with the Rattler headphone.  The minelab headphone set kept falling off my head and the ear piece connector came apart on the second trip so I purchased the adapter and moved on.  The other thing that impresses me is how it completely ignores hot rocks.  I had first tried a friends Lobo up a weaver and I was loosing all kinds of time kicking around hot rocks about every four feet of travel.  
      I am looking for cooler places to detect now that summer is upon us with a vengeance.  There are not many GPAA claims in the higher elevations of Arizona.  
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      Anyone on here in Ecuador?
    • By cadian
      G'Day, My name is Dave and I am another one from downunder, I have followed the forum for quite some time now and I thought it was time I joined.I have found the content to be of a very high standard.Keep up the good work Steve as I see you run a tight ship mate.
      Cheers Dave
    • By vanursepaul
      Hey all,,,
      Just wanted to introduce Joe to the forum members--
      He is from Milwaukee and a VA travel nurse like me....
      Many different interests---
      Check in with him and see if you can network some fun times!
      va nurse paul
    • By fredmason
      I see on the oz forum that today (or is it tomorrow) (in Oz) is JP's Bday...
      since I straddle two worlds (in my dreams) I wish you happy birthday today and tomorrow! and many golden days ever after.